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   Chapter 794 The Celebration Party (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 10396

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I have more than ten thousands reasons to leave you. However, the only one keeps me from doing that is... the fact that I still love you!


Eric froze halfway before his lips even touched Molly's. He had remained on that strange position for some while as if he was under a spell and he didn't know what he was doing. 'What am I doing? How can I take advantage of her like this?' he wondered.

Furrowing his eyebrows, he stared at Molly who was still half asleep.

It was then that Molly stirred up a little and suddenly woke up completely. Her eyes widened as she called in surprise, "Eric!"

A sly smile appeared on Eric's face as he watched Molly's cute reaction. He asked, "Who else did you think I was?" He looked calm on the surface as he showed no trace of the embarrassment that hit him just minutes ago.

Molly pushed Eric away annoyedly. She was blushing with embarrassment because she had mistaken Eric as Brian. She even forgot to ask him why he was leaning so close to her. "I... I was..." she tried to explain but ended up stammering. It took her some seconds more before she finally got to ask, "Er, so, the bidding ceremony has already finished?"

Eric nodded with a smile and then said, "There will be a celebration party tonight. I come back to check on you..." he paused and stared at Molly, "...and to ask if you wanna go with me."

Molly slightly shook her head, "Sorry, I don't want to go anywhere."

"So you'll just stay alone here?" he asked.

Molly leaned back lazily at the sofa. She didn't answer Eric's question but asked back with a hint of shyness, "Will Bri... Will Mr. Poker Face go as well?"

"I don't know," answered Eric honestly. "The officials of Sun Island will attend the party. According to the protocol, Brian is supposed to be there. But as you know, he is such a self-willed man. If he doesn't want, he won't be restricted by any etiquette."

Molly's shoulders drooped with depression. She asked in a gloomy voice, "Doesn't he feel anxious when he sees me staying with you all the time?"

Eric fell into silence. He knew that she wasn't asking for an answer. She was just unconsciously complaining from the bottom of her heart.

Nobody could understand what was actually going on in Brian's mind.

Eric thought that Brian was intentionally alienating Molly because of Wing's illness and for the sake of Molly's safety. However, there were still some times when he felt that he might be wrong again. It was very likely that his cousin had totally given up on Molly as he did to Becky.

"Didn't you say that you don't want to be a negative Nancy?" Eric scoffed purposely with his lips curling into a mocking smile.

"Of course!" Molly glared at him with resentment. "If I'm still the same..." Her words stopped abruptly as her eyes widened. Something had come to her mind all of a sudden as she blankly stared at Eric. She asked, "Eric... Is it possible that Bri doesn't like me anymore because I'm no longer the person I was before?"

Eric sniggered upon hearing her. He then looked into her eyes seriously and said, "Little Molly, rememb

my life. If I propose to you before the media like how Uncle Richie did to Aunt Shirley in the past... Will you say yes to me?"

The reporters went wild as they shot that scene with their cameras like mad.

The angle that Eric intentionally chose made him look like he was kissing Molly's cheek. Aside from that, the stunned look on Molly's face also contributed to the illusion that she was amazed by his sudden action.

Slowly, Eric pulled himself away from Molly. He took her hand and dragged her towards the door. Molly was dumbfounded the whole while. Eric turned to Brian's direction the moment they passed him by. He then stretched his hand to the handsome man and greeted, "Mr. Brian Long! Nice to meet you here."

Sparing a casual glance at Molly who looked a bit nervous, Brian shook hands with him and said, "I'm around here for business. Thus, I attend this party according to etiquette."

That statement made Eric smile cunningly, "Shall we come in together?"

"No, sorry. I'm waiting for someone else," replied Brian in a cold tone. He was too composed and casual that it was really hard to tell what was in his mind.

Noticing a hint of disappointment flashing in Molly's eyes, Eric said, "Then we'll go first now. See you later!"

"See you later," responded Brian indifferently as he nodded to Eric. He didn't pay any more attention to Molly except for the short glance he gave her when they approached.

Hand in hand, Eric and Molly walked into the door. At a corner nearby, two men holding a glass of wine in their hands had witnessed all of that.

Hanson was staring at Molly's back before he shifted his gaze to Brian. Just as he expected, he caught Brian taking a quick peek at Molly. Thus, he said to his companion, "Let's bet how much longer can Mr. Brian Long maintain his pretend-composure."

"Are you nuts?" said the man standing next to him. He was the same guy Molly had kicked a few days ago. He rolled his eyes and said, "Come on, you're an expert on betting! Do you think that I'm that stupid as to make a bet with you?"

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