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   Chapter 793 Time Won't Erase Feelings (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7533

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Eric put a cup of crystal but fragrant tea in front of the old man. He put a light and with a composed smile on his face, said, "Mr. Lu, knowing that you're coming, I had this tea delivered here from Dragon Island by air."

Mr. Lu, the old man, picked up the teacup and inhaled the gentle fragrant scent of the drink, then a bright smile lit up his face. He said, "Usually, the Qing Feng Tea from the Dragon Island is only for the leaders around the world... It's my honor to have a cup of Qing Feng Tea here." He drew the cup nearer to his lips and took a sip of the tea. The delicate taste and scent of the tea spread in his mouth and he felt lighthearted. "This is some nice tea!" he said appreciatively.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it..." replied Eric. He crossed his legs and rested one arm on the couch. His other hand remained on his legs and he sat there casually. A light smile was plastered on his charming face, which made it difficult to figure out what he thought now.

Mr. Lu put down the teacup and sighed. It seemed that he was reluctant to put it down.

"I've asked the head waiter to prepare some more for you. I hope you will enjoy it." said Eric. It wasn't strange for Eric to make all those polite remarks. It made him seem rather mellow.

In turn, Mr. Lu just smiled. He didn't accept nor reject his overtures. He decided to change topics and said, "I heard the oil tycoons from all over the world are coming to the bidding meeting..."

Eric nodded his head at his words and replied, "Apart from the oil needed for the Sun Island, the rest pf the output will be bid in three phases every year."

"Oil..." Mr. Lu paused in his sentence. He slowly leaned back on the sofa, then continued, "Oil is a good thing."

Across him, Eric seemed to agree. "At present, the global resources are tight. We have never expected to explore such a huge oil reserve in the waters of the Sun Island," Eric said casually. "Initially, 20 to 30 areas will be divided for exploration. The number will increase later. It is conservatively estimated that the annual output of crude oil will take up 8% of the global market..." he added.

Although excited by the facts, Mr. Lu stayed calm and collected.

Eric pretended to be naive and told everyth

stood up and shook Mr. Lu's hand. "The Dragon Island and the State Parliament support each other. There is nothing unpleasant between us, am I right?" he added.

At this, Mr. Lu just smiled and chuckled. "Yes, you're right," he said in agreement.

The bidding meeting finally proceeded. When It was coming to a close, the seemingly fair bidding meeting ended up with the CEO of Petroleum and Chemical Corporation gaining 5% of the share, all thanks to Eric's secret operation.

Meanwhile in the hotel suite, Molly laid on the couch like a lazy kitten. The dull droning on of the boring news on the TV sounded a lullaby to her. Before the bidding started even, she had already fallen asleep.

When the meeting was over, Eric drove back to the hotel. He went directly into the lobby and into the elevator. His polished leather shoes stepped into the designated floor and into his hotel suite. When he opened the door, his gaze landed on Molly who slept soundly on the couch.

He put his coat on the nearby chair and sat next to her. His eyes watched her and noticed that Molly seemed to dream about something. She?pouted?her lips arrogantly but in a cute way.

Eric reached out his hand and gently stroked the smooth skin of her cheek. He then tucked? a few strands of her hair?behind?her?ear.

He just continued to watch her. On impulse, he bent down and tried to kiss her...

Molly suddenly woke up, but her eyes were still heavy with sleep.

"Bri..." she mumbled in her sleepy voice.

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