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   Chapter 792 Time Won't Erase Feelings (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6635

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"Maybe..." replied Molly in a strained voice. She tried to move her ankle in the other direction and felt the pain instantly stab her ankle joints.

"Can you walk now?" Eric asked, observing her for anymore painful reactions.

Despite of the beads of cold sweats forming on her back, Molly insisted, "Sure, it's no problem."

"Don't worry, I got you..." Eric said, clearly thinking differently. He then gently took Molly's arm to assist her. However, when they took just one step ahead, Molly clenched her teeth in pain. This made Eric look at her disapprovingly. "Stop trying to be brave!"

"I thought it was just a simple sprain..." Molly explained in return. "It's okay. I'll use some medicine oil as soon as I get home," she added to reassure him.

His eyes gazed at her for a while before he suddenly turned his whole body towards her. "Come on, I'll carry you..." he said as he slightly bent down.

However, Molly said in slight protest, "No, there's no need to. I'm good." She then looked around the hallway and saw that there was no one else except the two of them. However, she could still hear the unceasing songs coming from inside the rooms.

"Come on," Eric insisted. "I was planning to take you out for fun on the next days but now you hurt your ankle. Are you gonna stay in the hotel all the time?"

"No, I'm really fine…" Molly said, remaining still. But she was taken by surprise when Eric stretched his arms out then grabbed her.

He carried her on his back and gripped the lower part of her thighs from behind as he walked towards the elevator.

"Eric, put me down!" Molly protested again.

But Eric refused.

Molly rolled her eyes and said, "Hello, how is this for my personal image…?"

"It's okay. No one dares to talk behind my back!" Eric replied to soothe her.

However, Molly only rolled her eyes again. "I have to be careful about my personal image!"

"Why? Does anyone know you here?" Eric asked.

Molly was speechless upon heari

thing she has to do and there is something she cannot do. But she is a woman. She has a natural pursuit of love..."

Eric went silent and so did Molly. 'Love cannot be despised. Maybe it is humble sometimes, but it is still the whole world to some people, ' she thought to herself.

In the next few days, Molly still suffered from the pain in her ankle. On the other hand, Eric was busy with the crystal project bidding, and had no time to be with Molly. She then had to stay at the hotel to recover from her sprain.

In her hotel suite, Molly sat on the fluffy white couch. She took the remote and turned on the TV. Then, she poured herself a glass of orange juice. The television showed that all the news channels of Sun Island broadcasted all about the bidding.

Inside the convention hall where the bidding meeting would take place, the staff were as busy as a colony of bees. They had to deal with the press from other countries, and also made arrangements for seating and accommodations for the meeting attendees.

In the building's lounge room, Eric made tea. Opposite him sat an old man who was about in his late fifties. The old man wore a navy blue suit and a crisp white shirt. His hair was grey at the ends, but there was a sparkle in his small eyes, which didn't quite match the wrinkles on his face.

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