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   Chapter 791 Time Won't Erase Feelings (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6977

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The hallway was quiet, save for Molly's gentle footsteps. She turned left once and reached a door.

As she was about to turn the doorknob open, the door was suddenly opened from the inside. The heavy wood panels turned to reveal Brian. Her body instantly froze in place and she just looked at him in shock. The top to buttons on his shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a small expanse of skin. The hall's dim lighting lent his tan skin an inviting and a little exotic appeal. His hair was not neatly styled like usual. The disheveled strands made him look wicked and extremely indifferent at the same time.

Staring at his wild appearance for too long caused Molly to struggle to close and open her eyes again to make sure that she didn't get the wrong person. It was indeed Brian. Molly flushed red in embarrassment, waved her hand and plastered a fake looking smile on her face. "Hi, what a small world! Nice to see you here..."

Her awkwardness didn't slip Brian's notice as his eyes remained fixated on her under the dim lights.

Then, a man stepped out from the room and asked, "Mr. Brian Long, who is this?" upon seeing Molly. The said man looked about Brian's age in terms of appearance. His eyes scanned Molly up and down and teasingly said, "Whoa, the special service in this KTV is so different now."

At his words, Brian immediately turned around and his dark, obsidian eyes shot him a fierce and sharp glance.

The man was a little startled at Brian's reaction. He glanced at Molly, then turned to Brian and asked in a questioning voice, "Did I say anything wrong?"

Another fake smile made its way to Molly's face. "Who do you think I am? A whore? You're a pig! Bastard!" she said with gritted teeth.

Her foot then gave the man a swift kick in the groin without any warning.

"Ouch--!" the man screamed in pain. His knees wobbled and his hands grasped his crotch as his face twisted in agony.

"It seems that you cannot enjoy your special service today..."said Molly innocently. She looked at the man and smirked mischievously at his reactions just like an

He rolled his eyes in response as his lips curled slightly downward. "There is no need to upset you. Brian doesn't feel anything for you anymore..." he said.

However, this only upset Molly even more. "Will you shut up?!" she said, glaring at him.

"Alright…" Eric relented in a calm voice. He simply shrugged his shoulders and turned to look at Molly, who had sobered up by now. "Well, do you want to have another drink?" he asked.

"No!" Molly adamantly refused. She eyed the empty beer bottles on the table, then said, "Excessive drinking will make me suffer tomorrow."

"Well, it seems that you're not that drunk..." said Eric, observing her state. After a few moments, he stood up from his seat and said, "Let's go."

As they walked out of their room, they passed by the next reserved room in the hallway. Molly couldn't help but cast a glance at the door when she heard some strange noises from the inside that it made her lips curl into a little frown.

"Eh..." Molly mumbled to herself.

Because her eyes were focused on the room, she paid no attention to her steps so her dress got accidentally hooked on something. Fortunately, Eric caught her on time just as when she was about to fall down.

"Mind you step, okay? What were you even thinking?!" Eric sighed. Upon seeing her face twist in pain, he frowned and asked, "Hey. What's wrong? Did you sprain your ankle?"

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