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   Chapter 790 Old Stories (Part Three)

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Surprise washed over Molly's face as she looked at Eric. In a plain tone, he continued, "They got married not because of love. Perhaps from beginning to end, love has only existed in my mom's heart. Their marriage only has one-sided enthusiasm." He turned his head slightly to look at Molly, whose face was covered with tears. With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "I accidentally found out about these things. I have hated my dad since then!"

Molly pursed her lips. She didn't think that she would get over it if the same thing happened to her. It would be too hard for her to accept if her own father only married her mother in order to help another woman.

Eric's eyes turned dark as bad memories came to his mind. He thought, 'If that didn't happen, would I still lose to Brian from the starting line?'

"However, it was not until some time later that I understood that there are many kinds of love! Love is not all about being together. Loving can also be about helping the person you love to succeed. Love can be about sacrificing yourself and sometimes, your life too just to be sure that he or she is safe. And sometimes, love can also be about just watching the person you love the most be happy." Looking away from the reddish sky, he continued, "Perhaps my dad has only loved Aunt Shirley. However, he had also managed to satisfy my mom. There is nothing perfect in our lives. As for my mom, all she wants is just to spend her life together with my dad, regardless if there is another woman in his heart. Never had my dad removed my mom from his heart."

Molly was in a daze. She didn't know how she should judge the story. Nevertheless, she had learned something from it. She would be keeping in mind that Even if the ending turned out different from what she was expecting, she could also be relieved as long as she knew that she did her best.

"Little Molly." Eric's eyes went notches darker when he said to the woman, "If I didn't overhear the conversation between my dad and my mom, if I haven't analyzed the entanglement among them in a deep level, perhaps..." He didn't finish his sentence and smiled at her evilly instead.

There was no point saying 'perhaps' anymore for him. He had already lost her even before it had all started.

Eric got up. Seeing that Molly was still immersed in the stories, he stretched his hand and without any ado, playfully knocked on her forehead.


ut even looking back.

Eric neither said a word nor caught up with her. He could sense how fragile Molly was at the moment and knew that she wouldn't want anyone to see her cowardice. Thus, he remained quiet and just let her recover herself.

Pursing her lips, Molly kept running with his red eyes until she arrived at the ladies' room. She turned on the tap and kept washing her face with her hands. It was not until some while later that she gradually calmed down.

She turned the tap off. Looking at her disheveled hair in the mirror, she could not help but smile despite her red eyes.

'Molly, you're a jerk!' she thought.

She took a piece of tissue and started wiping her wet face. After taking a deep breath and smiling to herself in the mirror, she walked out of the ladies' room.

It was only after she had stepped out of the ladies' room that she realized something really wrong!

She couldn't remember the private KTV room she was from.

Molly walked forward based on her poor memory and tried to recall how many doors she had passed on her way to the ladies' room. "Seven or eight?" she mumbled.

Standing before the seventh door and looking at all the other doors which were all the same except for the room number, she could not help but roll her eyes. "All right. If it isn't this one, then it must be that one. Let me have a try," she mumbled. She intended to grasp the doorknob with her hand as she continued to mumble. However, a mild clicking sound already filled her ears even before her hand touched the doorknob. And suddenly, without any warning... the door before her opened.


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