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   Chapter 789 Old Stories (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7571

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It was said that every member of the Long Family was born affectionate. Every member of the Long family had a person imprinted deep in his heart whom he allowed to paint his unique life. As a whole, the members of the Long Family had different kinds of lives, comedies, tragedies, or plain ones.

The setting sun was moving to the west slowly as if it hated to be neglected and wanted to give out all its remaining heat till the end. Dragon Empire Group had bought this seacoast in order to facilitate oil exploration and transportation. It was still a piece of pure and clean beach right now. However, the natural beauty of this place would gradually change in the future. It would be a huge development for mankind, but at the same time, a very sad twist too. Different people might have different views of the same thing. Just like how one might think that love was bitter while the others thought it was sweet.


Brian was sitting alone in the garden-styled cafe of a hotel. The cup of coffee before him had already cooled down. A waiter came to him and asked whether he wanted to replace it with another cup of hot coffee. Seeing that he shook his head slightly, the waiter left.

Brian had been staring at that cup of coffee for some while. Since he had forced Molly to leave two years ago, he had come back to his original lifestyle and stopped drinking milk.


His cellphone began vibrating on the table and drew him back to the present. He picked up and answered the phone.

"Brother Brian!" a lively voice came through the phone together with the sound created by a car running on uneven ground.

A faint smile instantly made its way to Brian's lips upon recognizing who was on the other line. He asked, "Are you carrying out a task?"


Cathy answered and smiled brightly. She was indeed inside a military car right now. Thus, she said, "It will take a long time to complete the task this time. I don't know when will I have another vacation, so I'm calling you to say hi."

"Okay," answered Brian in a plain tone. "Come back to see me when you take a vacation next time."

"I know. I will," responded Cathy, still in a lively voice. "I called my mom just now. She said that my younger sister has been admitted to the

of wisdom as if she was talking from her experience.

Hearing that, Cathy nodded abruptly and said, "Yeah. Thank you, boss!"

The major just smiled at her. Looking at the young and lively faces of Cathy and the sub-lieutenant, she could not help but sigh with the feeling that time and tide wait for no man.


The setting sun looked charming. The silent wind was blowing gentle waves to the shore one after another. Everything seemed to be a part of a beautiful painting while the sun slowly kissed the sea.

Molly was still quietly listening to Eric's stories. Hearing that Richie had gone so far as to cut off Crystal program because of Shirley, she could not help but feel speechless. Tears filled her eyes when she heard of how Shirley had been willing to be misunderstood for Richie's sake. Her love had been immeasurable, she had gone as far as marrying a man she had never loved while drawing the portrait of the man she had been missing every day. The story was just too heartbreaking.

Lying on the sand with his hands crossed under his head, Eric was not the superior man who controlled the Dragon Empire Group and even the Dragon Island. He was a nobody that time but a regular man who couldn't even escape his fate.

"In order to give Uncle Richie and Aunt Shirley a life that which was not bound by political power, my dad gave up the freedom he had always pursued and took the highest position of Dragon Island. In order to relieve Aunt Shirley's guilt, my dad married my mom..."

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