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   Chapter 788 Old Stories (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8162

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Nobody is able to change any other person, but everybody may be the reason for another person's change.


"Don't worry," said Molly with a faint smile. "The man I love is Brian."

Looking at Molly, Lenny didn't seem to be relieved with what she heard. She didn't even seem to be less hostile towards Molly as the latter had expected. "I know that," Lenny said. Then she turned her gaze to the blue sea and added, "But people sometimes take the second best choice when they are weak in order to make themselves feel good." She looked back at Molly again, "They find spiritual comfort by doing that."

Molly opened her mouth as she thought of explaining things further. However, she closed it again. She was not angry with Lenny. On the contrary, she even thought that people who did things silently for their beloved were worthy of respect and admiration.

"Perhaps you're right..." said Molly softly. "However, that isn't applicable to me. I love Brian and it will never change."

Lenny stared at Molly deeply for a long time before answering, "If that ever happens one day, I hope for you to treat my young master seriously." A tinge of frailty flashed across her eyes as she spoke. She didn't want Eric to get hurt and she wouldn't want Molly to hurt him either. Even though it was evident that Molly didn't love him.

"It will never happen." Molly said with conviction. She knew that nobody could understand how persistent she was with Brian now. If Brian would not want her back and she never managed to go back to his side, she would most likely spend the rest of her life together with Mark.

Lenny didn't say anything more. However, her beautiful almond eyes were suddenly filled with indescribable sadness. She saw Eric when she turned around. He was standing in a corner not far away from her. She gritted her teeth discreetly and walked towards him. And then with a slight bow, she greeted him with respect. "Young master."

"You're not in the position to step in my affairs," Eric replied in a cold tone. His handsome face suddenly looked cruel as he looked down to Lenny.

"..." Lenny didn't answer. She just remained silent with her head bowed.

That was when Molly turned around and saw what Eric was about to do. Her eyes suddenly grew opened in shock as she screamed, "Eric, don't do that!"

"Bang!" a sound of thump suddenly filled the place.


Lenny automatically covered her tummy with her

ce gradually faded until she was quiet. She just realized how different her conclusion was from his.

Sensing that she wasn't able to finish what she was saying, Eric continued on her behalf, " dad?" Seeing Molly nodded, he said with a faint smile, "Maybe you're right. My dad was very close to success back then. He was just one step behind the competition. Unfortunately, he was always one step behind and wasn't able to take the gap until the end. That is exactly how life goes. The fate of a person who stepped earlier may be very different compared to the person who didn't make the step. A little step not taken is as good as a mile."

Molly slowly sat down next to him and looked at the glittering sea too. She said, "Yeah. One's destiny is the result of every step he or she takes. The result can change because of a tiny mistake." Looking at Eric, she asked, "What happened later?"

"Later, Wing was recorded in the royal family pedigree, and Uncle Richie signed the marriage document by himself. They held the wedding ceremony and omitted the engagement ceremony, which might have caused more changes," Eric spoke slowly. He had learned all this from the video retained by ZTV, which he had found in the archives. Richie's marriage vow was always vivid in Eric's mind. He remembered his Uncle Richie saying, "Please give your hand to me while setting your heart at rest. From now on, let's take every step in our lives together..." His vow sounded plain but he had really realized what he had said. How many people in the world could put such a vow into practice with perseverance and consistency like him?

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