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   Chapter 787 A Threesome Trip To Sun Island (Part Three0

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7959

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As long as she was happy and safe, what did it matter if he was devastated for the rest of his pitiful life? The roar of the aircraft reminded him of where he was headed. The plane soared through the sky carrying the three different minds. The closer the plane was getting to Sun Island, the bluer the sky seemed to become.


At the Special Forces base called The Sharp Sword in an undisclosed military location, a soldier swiftly walked towards the Major General's office.

When he arrived at his door, the senior soldier halted and knocked. He asked loudly, "May I come in, Sir?"

"Come in," Major General Edgar said without raising his head. He was busy with some documentation job.

The soldier, dressed in a special training suit, walked closer to the General's desk. He stopped in front of his desk, stood in attention and gave a sharp salute. "General, I got the notice that you were looking for me," he reported.

"Yes," said Edgar. After signing the last regional document, he looked up at the soldier with a faint smile. He took a letter out of his desk drawer and extended it to him. Edgar read the name tag on the soldier's chest—Daniel Xia.

Daniel looked at the letter, confused.

"Take it," Edgar ordered, "See who wrote it to you."

"Yes Sir!" Daniel said, taking the letter from him. He read the words on the envelope. His name was written on it in a familiar handwriting and his heart lurched. Without minding the rules or regulations of the army, he slit open the envelope in a hurry. Before reading the content, he directly jumped to the signature at the end of the letter which said, 'Your sister, Molly'. His lips trembled and tears started welling up in his eyes.

"You will be allowed an hour off to calm yourself down," Edgar said sternly. "After the allotted time, you will get back to the ground and continue your training."

Daniel looked at Edgar with gratitude in his eyes and said, "Yes, General! Thank you, General!" He offered another bold salute to his leader.

"You may leave," Edgar dismissed him.

"Yes, General!" Daniel said. Then he turned around and marched solemnly out of the office. As soon as he was outside the door, he could no longer restrain his excitement. He looked at the letter in his hand, and his eyes were instantly misty. He scurried to find a private place to read the letter.

Edgar watched fro

put forward again, the incident was naturally dug out.

"Miss Xia," Lenny's apricot eyes implicitly expressed her dissatisfaction, "love is a beautiful yearning, but do not harm others for your own comfort."

"I... I don't know what you're talking about," Molly said hesitantly, and the hostility on Lenny's face was obvious now.

"I don't know why my Young Master has brought you here," Lenny said coldly, "But I hope you understand what your decision will lead to. Think carefully before you act."

Molly was even more confused now. She had only come to Sun Island because she was curious about the love stories of the previous generation. She wondered if, after hearing those stories, she would know more clearly about what she had been longing for. But Molly did not understand why Lenny thought that she would harm Eric.

"Lenny, you... You love Eric, don't you?" Molly asked carefully.

"No!!" Lenny rejected her without a second thought. "I'm the Young Master's shadow. Naturally, I don't want you to do anything to hurt him."

Seeing her hasty reaction, Molly smiled softly at her. The sun shone on one side of Molly's beautiful face and for a moment, Lenny forgot to hate her after seeing her soft smile.

"Don't worry," Molly said, still wearing the soft smile on her pink lips, "Brian is the only man I will ever love."

Lenny looked at her honest eyes, but was still doubtful. They hadn't realized that Eric had heard every word they had said as he silently stood a little further away from them.

The warm sunlight cast his lonely shadow on the beach.

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