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   Chapter 785 A Threesome Trip To Sun Island (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8277

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When you feel like everything is falling apart around you, pack your bags and go on a long trip. The beauty of the world will reveal the secret of true happiness in front of you, and you will be revived and happy once again.


Molly stood in front of the window and looked at the gloomy weather outside. Continuous haze through the last few days covered A City in a dreary atmosphere, pitting people into an inescapable depression.

Vincent entered the room and saw her standing idly by the window. He didn't know if it was the effect of the weather, but he felt the depression seep into him when he saw her in a trance again. "Miss Molly," he said solemnly, "Mr. Su is here to see you."

Molly turned around and looked at Vincent. "Spark?" she asked, a bit surprised. Vincent nodded and a small smile appeared on her face.

Spark was on the sofa, playing with Mark. He heard a sound from behind him and saw Molly approach him. She looked like she was in good spirits. He said with a beam of delight, "Molly, it looks like you are recovering quite well."

"Spark, I'm so glad to see you here," Molly said, as she hugged him and sat beside him on the sofa. "My wound isn't that deep. Besides," she continued in a sarcastic tone, "I have the best doctors with the best medical devices, working at the best medical facilities in the city. It would be hard for me to not recover well."

Spark raised his eyebrows and a wide smile appeared on his lips. He said, "Wow, you sound very unhappy with the amazing treatment you are receiving."

"Obviously," said Mark immediately, before Molly could say anything. "Mommy was at the hospital for a week, and Papa Brian had come to see her just once at the beginning of the week and never showed up again. How could Mommy not be upset?"

Spark frowned and looked at Molly for confirmation from her. But she was staring angrily at Mark for running his big mouth. But Mark ignored her glare, and continued to reveal more information to Spark.

Mark went on to give an extravagantly colorful and over-exaggerated description of the events and she couldn't do anything about it because of Spark's presence. However, Spark burst out into several loud fits of laughter as he listened to Mark's version of the story. From time to time, Spark glanced at Molly, who responded to him with an awkward smile, and then glared at Mark with gritted teeth.

Mark continued to ignore her mother's angry stare and carried on with his de

Mark, and then said to Molly, "You pack your suitcase. The airport is a bit far off from here. It might take some time. And don't forget your summer clothes. It's very hot there."

"Okay, fine! I'm going!" Molly finally agreed. She smiled and gave Mark a high five as she left to pack her things for the trip. Behind her back, she could hear Mark's voice encouraging her to do her best. She didn't turn back, but waved her hand high in the air, indicating that she would try harder.

A few minutes later, Molly was on her way to the airport with Vincent at the wheels, and Spark took Mark to his bakery, The Summer Breeze.

On the way to The Summer Breeze, Mark sat beside Spark in the car and looked at him suspiciously. He fiddled with his toys for a while and then finally asked, "Daddy, why did you come to visit Mommy today?"

"I simply wanted to see her," Spark said, beaming.

"Oh, I see..." Mark drawled on purpose with a sly smile gleaming in his smart eyes. He was very clear as to why his daddy had come today. But he decided to feign innocence in front of him.


Just as Molly arrived at the airport, she heard the sweet radio voice saying through the microphone that the Dragon Empire Group's private plane was set to take off in a short while. She broke into a quick run to the VIP passage. When she arrived panting at the VIP entrance, she paused before she could talk to the officer at the gate. The security officer came out from his booth and asked, "Miss Xia?" Molly was still catching her breath, so she simply nodded and he continued, "Mr. Eric Long has instructed us to let you through to the airplane directly."

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