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   Chapter 784 I Just Like A Kite Without A Rein (Part Three)

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Beep. Beep. Beep.

In a tranquil hospital room, there was no other sound, except the constant beeping of the medical equipment. It was mechanical and stable. But that only served to make the atmosphere gloomy and miserable.

Weston pushed open the door and walked in. He was wearing sports clothes and had a hamper in his hand. He looked at his wife, who was sleeping peacefully on her bed. He put down the hamper and stared at her. Wing had been in a coma for almost two years now. It was like a fairy tale story, where the beautiful princess had accidentally eaten the poisonous apple. But the difference was that her prince couldn't wake her up with his kiss. Weston breathed a deep sigh of disappointment.

Each time he came back to her room, he hoped dearly that he would see a different scene from the day before. Every time he opened the door to her room, he hoped to see Wing sitting on her bed, her deep blue eyes wide open. And when she saw him, she would give him her biggest smile and say, 'Weston, I am back.'

But that was just his delusion. She lay on her bed, unconscious, every time he came to visit her. "Wing, you have slept for two years!" He muttered, his voice laced with passionate care and love. He grabbed a chair and sat down next to her bed. He put the hamper on his lap, and took out Wing's favorite food from it. "You haven't had a morsel of your favorite food in two years. Aren't you craving for some of this?" As he opened the food box, he faked a wicked smile. Then he moved it closer to her nose and said, "Come on, get a whiff of that. Guess what I have brought for you."

There was no answer. But Weston was used to the silence by now. He kept his calm tone and continued, "You are a such a foodie. You should be able to say what it is from the delicious smell. That is your favorite curry fish ball." Weston picked one fish ball with his chopstick and put it into his mouth. He said, "Hmm.. This is so yummy!" The fish ball was bouncy and juicy, and sounded mouthwatering as Weston munched on it. "Wing, this fish ball is so good. I found this store on a narrow street across the hospital yesterday. The store owner is a lady from Hong Kong, and the place is pretty popular. There's always a long line of people outside her shop. I reserved this order for you in advance. She didn't agree at first to reserve an order. But after I told her that it was for my sick wife, she agreed and wished you quick recovery. She even gave me two extra fish balls." As he talked, the excitement in his voice subsided gradually. A feeling of loss and complete misery took over his



In A City.

Tony was driving the car to the airport. Behind him, Brian was reading a report.

As the car arrived at the airport, Brian put the report back inside the bag and got off the car. He walked swiftly to the entrance, followed closely by Tony. After passing through the VIP boarding gate, they went directly to the private deluxe plane of the Dragon Empire Group.

Eric was already inside the plane. He looked handsome as always in a silvery grey suit. When Brian walked into the plane, he saw Eric who was lost deep in thought.

Brian scowled, but did not say anything. He took a seat next to Eric, and asked in a firm tone, "Have all personnel been fully deployed?"

Eric was drawn back to reality and saw his brother in the seat next to him. He nodded, "Yes. The government of Sun Island will provide support for this bidding conference. All oil magnates from across the world should have already arrived there."

"Okay." Brian did not say anything more. He opened the report again and continued to read, waiting for the airplane to take off.

Three minutes before the airplane took off, Lenny showed up and walked directly to Eric. She told him in a voice which everyone could hear, "Young Master, we have only three minutes to take off, but she still isn't here."

Brian frowned and asked, "Is there anyone else coming?"

This was the private airplane for the leaders of the Dragon Empire Group. Generally, there wouldn't be other passengers.

Eric shrugged, "I invited a friend to come along."

As he finished his sentence, they heard rapid footsteps from the boarding ladder and shifted their attention to the door. The next second, Molly showed up at the door, wheezing and panting.


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