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   Chapter 783 I Just Like A Kite Without A Rein (Part Two)

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Eric leaned his head back on the sofa and looked at the ceiling, lost in his memories of the past. In the beginning, he was just an outsider in their relationship who desired to gloat over their dilemma and predicament. But fate had played a huge joke on him and he had fallen madly in love with her. And in the end, he had become the laughingstock in this tangled triangle. He was stuck now. There was no path ahead of him, but could not give up on his love for Molly either.

Molly did not know what Eric was thinking. She continued, "I just don't want to give up without giving my all." She kept her head down and hence failed to catch the despair in Eric's face, "I have devoted myself to this relationship for the past two years. I had no idea that I was capable of going through such hardships. But I'm doing all right. Everything that I have done is to reach one goal and that is to get back with him. I am brave enough to face every difficulty thrown on my way. I can bear this pain for him. I know that I was a coward in the past and it had cost me so much. But today, I am a totally different person. If there is even a minute chance for me to get close to him, I will jump in without any hesitation, regardless of what will happen to me." She finally looked at him and called his name, "Eric."

He lifted his head and glanced her way. His heart was heavy with sorrow, but he still wore a faint smile on his face. 'How could I not understand? I have been watching you two from the sidelines for many years. I was just an outsider this whole time. You only selfishly cared for Brian, and never paid any attention to the others who loved you. But there's no one in the world who can see through the two of you so clearly like I do.' As Molly was lost in her own sorrow, a multitude of mixed feelings rambled in Eric's mind.

"Brian has done so much for me. But I have given him nothing in return," she said as she met his gaze. She continued in a hushed voice, "I overspent his love and care, and did not notice how kind and tender he was till I had lost him. I ignored his love all along. The pain I am going through today is insignificant compared to what he had suffered in the past. How could I flinch away from him now?" Her voice trembled, her emotions were unstable. She took a deep breath and said to Eric in a firm voice, "You know I have been such a loser in this relationship and I have let Brian suffer so much. I don't want you, or even Spark to be next in line to suffer because of me."

Hearing her outright refusal, Eric breathed a sigh and replied, "There is no way for us

nd, or he will inherit Brian's business. Either way, I think he will be stronger than we give him credit for and he will accept the reality as it is. He will be a dauntless man. Well, he has the Long family blood after all." Eric laughed. Molly pouted her lips making her look cute and a little flirtatious. Eric tapped her small nose slightly. Molly shook his hand off because it looked like Eric was treating her like a child. She widened her angry eyes at Eric, which only made him happier. He beamed with laughter, then said, "Okay, that's enough. I'm leaving. Just relax and get well soon, okay ?"

Molly nodded her head and touched her nose where Eric had tapped.

Eric left to the airport and got on the plane bound for T City. He gazed out the window at the scenery below. The sky looked a bit sullen, just like him. But there was still some hope left under all that gloominess. He leaned back on his seat, with a small smile.

Eric wasn't alone on his way to the airport. Spark leaned against the bonnet as he watched the plane with the Dragon Empire logo take off in the distance, leaving the city. There was a warm smile on his face, which could have melted the snow around him.

As the plane disappeared from his sight, he walked back to his car and opened the door. Before getting in, he instinctively looked at the sky where the plane had just been. Then he quickly got into the car and drove away from the airport. On his way back to A City, Spark looked a little sad and worried. Partly for Molly's endeavor to get Brian back, and also for his own pathetic end.

But the only thing he could do right now was to encourage Molly. All his heart said was, 'Cheer up, Molly. Everything is going to be all right.'

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