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   Chapter 782 I Just Like A Kite Without A Rein (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8849

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For the most part of my life, I was like a kite without a rein; I did not know where I was headed. But I never stopped flying, because I loathed the idea of falling to the ground.


"I have made the decision to pursue Little Molly once again. You're not going to stand in my way this time, are you, Brian?" Eric asked, taunting him. Despite his suited and executive look, the glint in Eric's eyes was that of the young and arrogant boy in the Sophia Grant Hotel many years ago.

Brian glared at him and tucked his fists into his pant pockets. He asked, "Weren't you supposed to go to T City?"

"I should have gone today. But when I heard that Little Molly and Mark had come back, I just had to drop by and see them." As he spoke, Eric shifted his glance from Brian to Molly with a nasty skittish smile on his face. Then he shifted his gaze back to Brian and the smile faded from his face. He said slowly, with a serious expression, "But to my surprise, as soon as I got off the plane, I heard about what happened last night. Brian, it is hard to believe that Little Molly and Mark could get caught in such a dangerous situation in your turf." Eric stood up slowly to show his dissatisfied face to Brian. His voice became lower and more outrageous, "I'm not sure if I should start doubting your authority here or..." he gritted his teeth and continued, " if I should believe that Molly is really not important to you anymore. "

His words stung Brian and he was aware of Eric's anger and disappointment. Eric, who stood in front of him, was the power holder of the Dragon Island, not the childish and arrogant boy from the past. Now, he was on par with Brian in both power and competence.

However, Brian chose to disregard his offensive words and replied in an insensitive manner, "Say whatever you want. I don't care about your opinions." His words displayed no emotions. There was none who could detect his real feelings which were hidden and locked away. Brian threw a sideways glance at Molly and walked past Eric in a steady pace, leaving Eric and Molly to look at his cold and nonchalant back.

As Brian got into the elevator, Eric furrowed his eyebrows. He shook his head slightly and put Brian out of his mind as he headed to the inpatient ward.

As soon as he entered the room, a brisk little voice yelled, "Uncle!"

Mark ran into Eric's arms with a huge smile. Eric caught him and threw him into the air and caught him with his strong arms. He examined him from head to toe and said delightfully, "Ha, Mark! You have grown so much in just two years. You are a tiny adult already."

Hearing his uncle's praise, Mark beamed w

past which has left nothing but scars and sorrow for both of you. Is your tenacity to make this broken love work good for you or Mark?"

Molly opened her mouth several times trying to refute and disagree with whatever he had said, but she couldn't. She couldn't say that he was wrong, because he wasn't.

Ignoring her silence, Eric said, "I know Brian better than anyone else, and I know how stubborn he is." Eric leaned back against the sofa, exhausted from all the talking. But he went on, "Once he decides that he wants something, he will do anything to get it at any cost. And if he doesn't need it anymore, no one in the world can force him to keep it around. Even in the case of love, once he makes up his mind, he will give it up without any hesitation. It might upset him for a while, but he won't change his mind."

Eric's downright words broke her faith which she had built to deceive herself into believing that Brian still loved her. The light in her beady eyes was extinguished by the reality. She lowered her head, trying to hide her emotions. Each word from Eric was like a bomb thrown at her protective castle, destroying the walls and shattering her perfect delusion. After a long silence, a sympathetic smile appeared on her lips. She stared at her feet, evading eye contact with Eric and said, "Eric, you may not understand this, but I love him."

"You're right. I don't understand." It was hilariously painful. He sneered, but he wasn't sure if he was the more pathetic one, or whether it was Molly. He replied, "I have witnessed your relationship from the beginning. I was right by your side when you fell in love with him and I was at his side when he really began caring for you. And here I am again, when everything has broken apart."

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