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   Chapter 781 The Visitors (Part Three)

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Standing in front of the cruiser, Edgar turned back to give the hospital a last look. Then he opened the door of the cruiser and went inside, ordering the driver to leave the premise.

Inside the VIP ward, standing by the window, Molly peered outside until the military land cruiser was lost to view. If her memory served her correctly, Steven had once driven the same type of vehicle when he had taken her to the open country. The old memory reminded her of what happened just a moment ago.

"Molly, this is Uncle Steven's military medal," Edgar said, handing a military medal for first-class merit to her. Then he went on to tell her stories about Steven, who had been once praised as a sharp sword in the special force. He talked about Steven's ambition, his dreams, and his oath to the motherland, as well as the people he had encountered in the name of the army flag.

As Molly's eyes grew distant, her most distinct memory of Steven was no longer of the time when he was addicted to gambling. Instead, she remembered him as a father who had worn his olive green military uniform, and the military rank of a major on his shoulders.

Due to the letter which she had found under the quilt two years ago, as well as what Edgar said today, she found herself feeling completely assured. Like a load was lifted off her shoulders. Deep down, she found no resentment or confusion. There was no desire to escape either.

Everyone was bound by a moral responsibility in his or her life. It just so happened that, for her father, the mission he had chosen to shoulder was for the country and its people rather than his own small family. Although he had let his family down, there was no question that he had accomplished a lot with his mission. To begin with, she was not Steven's daughter, but the daughter of an old enemy. With a photo in her hand, she lowered her eyes to examine it more carefully.

On the photo, there was a private first class soldier, who wore Ghillie Suit for field operations, and a steel helmet. H

' she thought to herself. 'You say that you don't love me, but my instincts tell me otherwise!'

When she gave a quick glance at Mark, the boy secretly gave her two thumbs up.

There was a crease on his forehead as he looked at the complacent Molly. He felt his chest tighten as he spoke, "If thinking this way make you feel better, then...think whatever floats your boat,"

Brian said, turning around to leave.

Facing her was his biggest Waterloo. Every time she questioned him, despite seeming detached and indifferent on the surface, the taste of defeat lingered in his heart. That moment was no different. In all her attempts to make him confess the truth, his lies were proof of his never-ending loss.

While watching his retreating back, Molly felt her blood boiling. She bit her lower lip tightly, refraining from shouting after him. Upon seeing her disposition, Mark walked over to hold her hand in support.

As soon as Brian opened the door, he was astounded by the man standing in front of him.

"It seems that you couldn't care less about Molly now," Eric said. Leaning against the door frame in a devilish manner, with an excited expression on his face, he continued slowly, "In that case... if I choose to pursue Molly again, can I assume that you won't talk to me about whether or not I've lost from the starting line?"

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