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   Chapter 780 The Visitors (Part Two)

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A hint of relief flitted through Spark's amber eyes. He nodded slightly and said, "If you're so determined, what's there for you to fear? Molly, just hang on in there. Regardless whether you go off course, or you find yourself in the shortest path, remember that you're not alone. You'll always have your backup."

"Spark..." whispered Molly. Despite feeling like she had so many things to tell him, there was none that she could utter when she opened her mouth. There was so much that Molly owed this wonderful man. Nevertheless, she had no other choice. Just like everyone who had to choose a route, she had chosen hers, and now the best thing she could do was not to hurt anyone else along the way because of her hesitation.


In the dining hall of the hospital, Brian watched the boy eat his meal, a cup of untouched coffee in front of him. The older the boy got, the more the resemblance between father and son became too prominent to ignore.

"Papa Brian, why did you pretend to lose your memories?" Mark asked nonchalantly as if he was talking about the weather, and played with his food.

"A relationship with an unequal beginning will never be as peaceful as an equal one," answered Brian matter-of-factly.

Upon hearing him, Mark put his chopsticks down, and looked at his father. The meaning behind Brian's words was lost on him.

"What about you?" retorted Brian, before he could ask for an elaboration. "Why did you pretend to forget me?"

Turning his head to the side, Mark curled his lips. "Uncle Victor said the strongest power to nail down a lie, is with another lie,"

As he leaned back in his seat, a faint smile appeared on Brian's thin lips. "Don't communicate with Victor unless it's necessary," he said.

"Yikes," Mark's eyes glistened with amusement. "You share the same sentiments as Mommy. You see, she didn't like it when I spent time with Uncle Victor either. Mommy thinks his teachings are misguided."

Brian hid a smile, and cleared his throat. In an indifferent tone, he said, "No matter what becomes of my relationship with your mother, I hope you realize that at the end of the day, she and I love you very much. It just so happens that we're in different places now."

"I do know that," Mark said, nodding

is currently not open for visitors."

Frowning slightly, Edgar said, "In that case, I want to see Mr. Brian Long,"

About to refuse his request again, she caught a glimpse of Brian entering the hospital. When Edgar noticed the nurse's expression change, he turned around just in time to face the man that he was asking to meet.

"Mr. Brian Long!" Edgar exclaimed, greeting him.

"So glad you're here." "Are you here to see Molly?" asked Brian. Without waiting for Edgar's response, Brian eyed the nurse meaningfully. As soon as the nurse caught on, she turned to Edgar and guided him in the right direction.

With his mouth shut tightly, he followed the nurse. As he was about to leave A City in a couple of hours to take Culpeo back to his army, he thought of dropping by to see Molly. Although unsure whether he would get to see her, he felt there was no harm in trying. There was something important that she needed to hear from him.

As soon as Edgar entered the elevator, Brian turned around and left the hospital once again. He had predicted the possibility of Edgar coming to visit. He just did not know when. What had happened a long, long time ago had always been a thorn in Molly's heart. It was time, he thought, that Molly knew everything that had really happened. Whether or not she would be relieved in the end, it was up to her.

The weather did not pick up as the day progressed. By the time Edgar got out of the hospital, the sun was nearly out of sight behind the thick clouds.

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