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   Chapter 779 The Visitors (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7556

Updated: 2019-06-06 00:06

In a world where a number of paths could be at one's disposal, ultimately, a definitive choice must be made several times. Once you have determined which way to go, the challenge is to see it through the end. Whether or not it was the best path, you won't find out until you've reached the arguable finish line.


The moment their eyes met, it turned into a staring contest from which neither of them could escape. As the silence prolonged, she squinted to make sure none of his facial expressions were missed. Alas, she could not catch any on his stoic face. Due to his personality as an introspective man in a cutthroat environment, his basic instinct was to wear a poker face at all times. Unless he wanted for someone to see it, no emotion could ever be traced on his face, and it was often a predicament for Molly.

So annoyed was she, that she had a desire to tear his skin apart just to check if he were as cold and dead on the inside as he was on the surface. Unlike Molly's nervous eyes, Brian's deep black orbs were tranquil and emotionless.

A few more torturous minutes, and it became clear that they had reached a stalemate. With Brian refusing to answer, and Molly maintaining a fierce gaze, no one was willing to give in.

Finally, she could not take it any longer, and roared, "Answer me, Brian! Did you really stop loving me?"

In a plain tone, he answered, "Yes. I do not love you,"

His voice sounded so subtle and straightforward, driving Molly over the edge even more. But the truth was that, underneath his facade, his deceit was proving too much to handle for his heart.

Feeling powerless after his answer, Molly's eyes kept rotating in its sockets. Maybe it was because she could not believe her ears, or that she feared her tears would spill over, but she looked rather disconcerted. More than she had ever been when she had had to confront the kidnappers at the art class. As she lowered her eyes to look elsewhere, she mumbled, "No. It's impossible. That couldn't be. You're lying to me, you're lying to me..." Then she raised her head and glared at him viciously. "You're lying!" she repeated.

"Think whatever you like," dismissed Brian. After throwing a glance at Molly, he turned on his heels and walked out of th

lot. I fear that in the end, I would realize that I've chosen the wrong path." Eyes turning dark, she sighed and turned to the person listening to her. She had no idea why, but when it was Spark she spoke with, revealing her inner thoughts came naturally. It was easy to open up to him.

Spark wore a faint smile. Despite the bitterness that dwelt inside of him, he still felt glad to see her. Why? Because, even after disappearing in the past few years, all he wished for the woman he loved was for her to someday live a happy life. It was because of this love that he could never get rid of, that he hoped there wouldn't be any misunderstanding too huge to be fixed that might come between them. For even if they would never get to be together again, it was enough for Spark to know that she did not abandon or reject his presence at that precise moment.

"Molly, are you afraid?" Spark asked nonchalantly.

Confused, Molly raised an eyebrow at him. "What?"

"I mean, that the ending to this purpose which you have might be a bad one," there was a pregnant pause, and then Spark eyed her unblinkingly. "If that's the case, are you afraid? Are you afraid of an ending that could be predicted?"

Deep in thought, she was silent for a while. Then slowly, she shook her head and said with determination, "No! Even if I knew that it could end that way, I'm not scared of carrying on with it. I chose this path. I don't believe that it's a dead end just yet, and I won't know until I see it through."

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