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   Chapter 777 Do You Still Love Me (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8379

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"Mommy, what do you want?" asked the child immediately. "Let me get it for you. Just tell me."

With gritted teeth and a frown on her face, Molly suppressed the urge to snort at her recklessness. After moving so carelessly, she might have ripped the wound open on her back again. Instead of bringing it up, however, she answered, "I'm fine, my child. There's nothing to worry about. I don't want anything."

When Brian decided to slowly turn around, he was wearing his iconic poker face, his eyes as deep as the ocean. With his arms folded in front of his stomach, the man had his walls up as high as the sky. At first, Brian assumed that she was just putting up an act to gain his sympathy. Then, upon closer look, he sensed that she was not faking the pain. Although she was genuinely hurting, it seemed like she chose to tolerate it for their son's benefit.

"Mommy, I'll get a doctor for you," Before running out of the ward, Mark gave Brian a meaningful look. The boy felt like it should have been Brian's job to find a doctor. But as his father did not seem like he was going to do anything to help ease Molly's pain, he had no choice but to do it himself.

Once the boy was out the door, Brian and Molly were left alone in the ward. The atmosphere, almost immediately, changed.

While Molly lay in bed, she stared at his impenetrable form. Her left arm was injured badly. As she could not move it without feeling a lot of discomfort, they had to bandage it to keep it from moving unnecessarily. The indifference on his beautifully sculpted face was enough to make her eyes burn with restrained tears. Suddenly it became imperative that she did not blink, as she feared that if she did, she might reduce to tears. And once that started, it would be difficult to stop.

Meanwhile, Brian looked at Molly too without uttering a word. Compared to Molly's transparent emotions such as agitation and sadness, Brian stayed calm and collected. At least, that was what he appeared with such cold eyes.

Neither of them tried to look away. After a while, Molly's nose twitched in discomfort and eventually, she broke the eye-contact. Perhaps it was because her neck was starting to get cramped, or her agitation was becoming too much to suppress.

Even if it did not come from his mouth directly, Brian's amnesia was exposed as a lie, and both of them knew that they could not go on pretending otherwise.

The mere thought of it brought tears out of Molly's eyes, moistening her pillow.


Spark, however, had a special place in his heart. He was just as irreplaceable, for the man had accompanied and taken care of him during the days when he was unable to talk.

After a long time of hugging each other tightly in the hallway, Spark finally released the child from his embrace, and used a finger to wipe the tears off Mark's face. Then, in a soft voice, he asked, "Where is your mommy?"

Glancing at the ward, Mark answered, "Mommy and Papa Brian are in the ward," He then pouted, adding, "I guess they're negotiating in silence."

"Huh?" questioned Spark, confused by the child's words. But at the moment, he was more concerned about Molly's safety. So he asked, "Is Mommy hurt?"

Nodding, Mark began to share everything that happened. Being mindful not to mention Edgar and the other people of XK, he focused on Brian's heroism with excitement. He fawned over how his Papa Brian suddenly appeared, and defeated the kidnappers. And as Mark continued to speak highly of Brian, it felt like he was describing Brian as Superman. "When Mommy was reaching out to catch the detonator to prevent it from causing an explosion, one of the kidnappers stabbed her with a dagger. Luckily, the wound wasn't that deep, and the doctor had already treated her wound,"

Whilst listening closely to Mark's narration, Spark recognized the glint of excitement in his eyes. After seeing Brian's bravery, the child exuded an immense adoration for his biological father. "So long as your mom is fine," Spark said, somehow feeling a sense of loss. Despite his disappointment, he managed to throw a smile.

"Daddy, how did you know we were here?" Mark asked curiously.

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