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   Chapter 776 Do You Still Love Me (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8302

Updated: 2019-06-05 00:39

When thrown against a corner, with no other options within sight, love as an unpredictable variable can make us do things we never thought was possible. Out of love, we can choose to give up on a person we never dream of leaving, and out of love, we find strength, become fearless with our actions. Love—it comes in many forms. Whether as a soft nudge or a blatant shove, such an ineffable feeling can push us forward into the unknown that we are trained to fear.


"Following the attack, we have our correspondent reporting from the Kylin District: With the Children's Art Training School hijacked by vicious men working for a drug lord named Culpeo, some of its students and faculty members have been detained as hostages. Presently, the kidnappers are negotiating for the release of their leader in exchange for the lives of the civilians," reported a local television station of A City.

According to their video footage, the police were evacuating the crowd, and the land cruisers which boasted the logo of the army appeared to be retreating from the scene. Although the situation looked orderly, the anxious looks on everyone's faces were too visible to be ignored, particularly the parents whose kids were students of the Children's Art Training School. Many of them wept openly, with both hands against their mouth.

"With the help of the police and army, the kidnappers have all been subdued. All of the children who were held as hostages have been rescued. Moreover, military bomb squads and disposal experts from the Criminal Police Department have also arrived at the scene to defuse a bomb strapped to a teacher."

Considering the explosive force of the bomb might hurt people on the spot, the police have evacuated all civilians from the Children's Art Training School within two kilometers.

"Huh, that woman looks a lot like Miss Xia," the gaffer of The Summer Breeze remarked, absorbed by the news airing on the television. Catching a glimpse of a figure that resembled Molly, he continued to watch in confusion.

On a regular day, the bakery played soft and elegant music in the background. But ever since the big riot happened in A City, the citizens were so concerned about the hostage takeover and wanted to stay on top of it. At the request of the guests, the bakery agreed to change the channel to the news.

"Which Miss Xia?"

"You have not met her," he answered, casting a glanced at the part-time worker. Continuing, he said, "She used to wor

ed his mother's strong facade crumble whilst the pain doubled in every move she made.

"Argh... It does hurt," murmured Molly glumly. Recalling what happened on the way to the hospital, she felt beyond ridiculous for overdoing it earlier. When Brian was about to give her his word, why did she have to black out at that crucial moment? As she had longed for it to happen ever since she returned, it was simply frustrating to lose an opportunity due to fainting. Of course, it was not a performance as she truly was in a lot of pain. At best, it might have been a bit of an exaggeration.

While she continued to brood over what happened, Molly stole a glimpse at Brian who was standing by the window. Her mouth twitched, unable to hold back a moan. Despite the pain, she maintained a nonchalant look and said, "Don't worry, Mark. I'm fine,"

"You look like you are in a lot of pain though," persisted the boy in his childish yet sweet voice. "Also, Golden Flower No. 5 told me that when you were in England, you would try to endure the pain and never let the others know whenever you were hurt. That you only shed tears of pain when you were alone. Out of sight." The boy sighed reproachfully. "Mommy," he continued firmly, "if you're feeling pain right now, just cry. I will not laugh at you."

Seeing the child upset by her condition, Molly could not help but feel touched by his affectionate gesture.

After the initial warmth had settled in her heart, she wondered how Brian would react to their son's words. Out of curiosity, she turned with difficulty to look at him. But as soon as she shifted her body, she let out another cry of pain.

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