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   Chapter 775 Part I Want A Faithful Lover (Part Two)

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"Sir..." Mark suddenly spoke. He stared at Brian with his round clear eyes. He looked very innocent. "Sir, mommy's arm is bleeding..."

Molly was so tensed that she had no idea when she got her arm cut. She didn't even realize it was bleeding until Mark pointed it out. Thus, it was only now that she began to feel the pain.

Brian glanced at Molly and anger flashed in his dark eyes. He remained silent. Hearing Mark call him 'sir' instead of 'daddy' made him a little annoyed.

Molly gave him a stern look and thought to herself, 'Fine, Brian. Just leave me alone and let me bleed to death.'

Silence occupied the place again as everyone waited for Culpeo. The children had already been scared to death and just huddled together on the floor. They were shivering with fear, not even realizing that Brian was only about to save Molly and Mark.

The teacher's eyes were filled with tears. She looked pleadingly at Brian, who didn't even glance at her.

Unconscious because of the anesthetic, Culpeo was carried over by Vincent and a staff of XK Intelligence Agency. Vincent's eyes instantly flashed as soon as he saw Brian. However, his eyebrows were furrowed quickly as soon as he saw Molly and Mark.

"Boss..." Anger showed in the kidnapper's eyes as he stared at Culpeo, who was too weak to stand on his own. "What did you do to him?"

"Nothing," Edgar replied casually. "Just some anesthesia..."


Edgar suddenly pulled the trigger before he finished his words and shot the kidnapper next to him. As the bullet hit the kidnapper's chest, Brian and Molly took actions simultaneously. Brian rushed towards the kidnapper before him and shoot him as the staffs took the teacher away to safety.

The kidnapper before Molly was distracted by Vincent, who was about to take Culpeo to him. That was when Molly suddenly kicked his hand as hard as she could. The detonator flew out. However, the kidnapper immediately realized what was going on and tried to stab at Molly with a dagger coming out of nowhere. Molly's eyes widened but didn't dodge it! Instead, she threw herself forward in order to catch the detonator.

"Mol!" Brian shouted.

"Molly!" It seemed that Edgar didn't expect it as well.

Even Mark sprang to his feet upon seeing what happened. "Mommy!"

As yells and shouts filled the room, a shot was heard. A bullet was put right between the kidnapper's eyes and he lost his grip on the dagger. Thus, it stabbed straight at Molly's back.

Molly fell heavily on the floor with a bang. Relieved, she stared at the detonator in her hand and a smile crept into her cheek. As Brian, Edgar, and even Mark rushed towards her, Molly's eyes gradually became unfocused. Staring at B

up, you're not going to die!" Brian gritted his teeth as he felt his heart being ripped apart.

"I think I'm dying..." Molly now looked like a child while crying desperately and waiting for comfort. Her tears were wetting Brian's uniform. "Just like in the dramas, every time someone is dying, people around him will comfort him that he's not going to die..." She cried sadly, "I don't want to die. I haven't been back with you yet."

"Molly, just stop talking!" Brian couldn't bear it anymore. Staring at the woman, he lost in thought. He had checked her wound before they got into the car. It was not as deep as he had imagined and Molly would surely be alright. However, as she whined and wept all the time, he was influenced by her grief as well, as if she was really dying. He swallowed hard and gritted his teeth. "Keep quiet, please. You'll really end up dying of blood loss if you keep on moving."

Molly didn't respond this time but bit her lip, letting tears stream down her cheeks. Every word she just said was true. It did hurt and she really didn't want to die. She couldn't die because she hadn't been back with the man she loved.

Driving faster and faster, Tony glanced at them from the rear view mirror with a grim face.

"You'll be fine!" Brian's mouth slightly twitched as his temple throbbed. He threw his arms around her and slightly pull her closer.

"Bri..." Molly sounded very weak. With her eyebrows furrowed, her eyes became more and more unfocused. She seemed to have lost all her strength after the extreme tension earlier. And with Brian by her side, she felt even more relaxed, which made the pain in her back more sensible than before. In addition to the wound, her body was aching all over as well. Staring at Brian, she continued, "Don't push me away, okay?


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