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   Chapter 774 Part I Want A Faithful Lover (Part One)

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Mark stared ahead

with his eyes

wide open.

The moment Molly turned around, the bullet hit the glass before them and immediately the room was filled with children's screams of fear. Everything happened extremely fast. While the kidnapper pulled the trigger, the glass window was smashed from the outside.

The broken pieces of glass fell on the ground and scattered everywhere after a loud bang. Two men rushed in and fired their guns many times. Five kidnappers immediately died before they could do anything, knowing nothing about what had just happened.

Also at that exact moment, Molly kicked the kidnapper next to her in the armpit. She swiftly grabbed the gun he was holding to keep him from firing it. She then held on to the gun with her left hand and kicked the kidnapper again. As the man stumbled backward, she took the gun from his hand.

On the other hand, Brian and Edgar landed on the floor at the same time. One of them was holding a pistol which had been modified into a heavy caliber. The other one was holding an assault rifle. Molly was holding the kidnapper's FNC assault rifle and pointing it to the cruel man.

Things had turned around in an instant. However, the kidnappers were still in a favorable position. Although there were three people on each side, the playing field was not level. The biggest threat turned out to be the detonator in one of the kidnappers' hands. Another kidnapper was already standing behind the teacher with his gun pointing to the bomb on her. The last kidnapper was confronting Edgar face to face.

The children were so scared that they huddled together in a corner. Among them, Mark gritted his teeth and stared at the six adults before him. His eyes were clear and wide open. In the end, he rested his gaze on Brian.

Brian was now wearing a special combat uniform of the XK Intelligence Agency. It was all black and he looked as dark as night. He was giving off a dangerous and powerful vibe while wearing that outfit. Thus, everyone who looked at him hardly dared to breathe.

Mark blinked his eyes. Brian's presence somehow made him forget all his fears. The only thing playing in his mind was how Brian kicked through the glass window and jumped into the room to stop the kidnappers and rescue them. Mark couldn't help but feel proud of the brave man and for a while, he wanted to scream the fact that he was his father.

"Two more for us to finish up," sneered the kidnapper that was facing Molly. He moved his thumb towards the detonator inch by inch. He was not afraid at all. "I have never thought of leaving here alive. I have promised my leader. If I can't save my boss, Culpeo, I'll die with him." His eyes sud

an Long, Vincent has taken Culpeo out."

His words immediately caused a chain reaction.

The kidnapper with the detonator turned to look at Tony as he tried to check if Tony was telling the truth.

With the rifle still in his hands, Edgar heard the captain's voice on his radio before he could give Tony's words any thought, "Boss, Culpeo was taken!"

Edgar suddenly frowned. Culpeo was not like the kidnappers in the room. It would be completely unpredictable how many victims there would be if he was released. It had taken the police around the world almost two years to catch him, not to mention how many undercover officers had died because of him.

"Mr. Brian Long," called Edgar in a deep voice with his eyes and gun still fixed on the kidnapper before him. "I need your explanation."

"I need to save my people." Brian's voice was deep and cold. He narrowed his eyes as he glanced at the kidnapper before Molly. "Now it's my turn to lay down conditions." His eyes darkened before he continued, "You can take Culpeo but only if you let two people go. One is her," he pointed at Molly and then at Mark, "and the other is him."

That made the leader of the kidnappers realize that the police and the army were not the most difficult to deal with. It was this man called Brian. As he aimed at saving Culpeo, it doesn't matter exactly whom Brian wanted to save and the conditions were totally negotiable. Thus, he demanded, "I need to check if Culpeo is really out there."

Brian gestured to Tony who immediately pressed on his wireless earphone and said, "Vincent, take Culpeo here."

The army and the police seemed to have lost control of the whole situation now. Edgar gritted his teeth and glanced at Brian. "Mr. Brian Long, I hope you understand what you are doing now."

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