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   Chapter 773 Papa Brian Will Come To Our Rescue (Part Three)

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However, he had no time to think about that carefully now. Each of the hostages should be safe. He then told the captain about what Brian said, and then asked, "What do you think are the chances that we can make it?"

The captain's face became more serious at his question, and said, "If we do so, we are afraid that the kidnappers might detonate the bomb in case they find out." He paused for a while then added, "They want us to free Culpeo. I'm afraid there would be another event even if this one here ends before we can even take Culpeo away!"

The police officer beside the captain thought about it as well and said, "You are absolutely right!" "It is reported that a 24-hour convenience store has been robbed in the Northern district," he added. The police officer sighed and went on, "It is not that severe and it has been under control." His eyes then cast a pointed look at Edgar and he continued, "If it goes on like this, the whole city would not have a peace. We cannot handle this without any extra support."

"How much time do we have here?" Just then, Edgar's voice interrupted the discussion.

The police officer quickly checked his watch and said, "Less than five minutes!"

Edgar gazed at the art class as he told the rest of them, "What is happening here is the main event. The rest of the crimes in other places are just to distract us, our energy, and resources." He then went over behind his car, opened the door and took out a black bag. Then, he pulled out the bag's contents and started to change his suit. He continued talking as he did so, "Everyone stays here to await orders." His eyes turned to Brian who had already changed and said, "Keep the radio on so we can contact at any time!"

Meanwhile, the captain rushed to Edgar when he saw the general change suits and tried to stop him, "Sir?! Let me do that!"

"Keeping all the hostages safe is the most important," Edgar's face turned darker, and said as he passed the binoculars to the captain. He added, "I am taking my responsibility if there is an accident!"

After his speech, Edgar double-checked his gun and the bullets once more then put it back into its holster. He then grasped an assault rifle and ran towards Brian and said in a firm voice, "I will go with you!"

Brian paused and gazed at him for a few seconds. He calmly said, "I hope you are still as good as you were before you became the mayor five years ago."

Edgar's brows shot up as he answered back, "Why don't you try?" Then, he huffed coldly

officer immediately responded. "Culpeo is one of the top three criminals in the wanted list of the national police, so we couldn't decide in ten minutes. It's too short. We are still contacting our superior," The police officer went on to explain in an attempt to bargain, though unsuccessfully as the kidnapper yelled, "Shit! Shut up! We don't want to hear any rubbish!" Kidnapper A then bellowed again, "I'll count to three. If there is still no reply, I will kill her!" As he said those, he pushed the barrel of the gun against Molly's head harshly.

"Ughhhh," Molly couldn't help but groan in pain as the gun against her head hurt so much, that the pain pounded heavily in her head.

"Mummy--!" Mark could not stop himself from crying out loud any longer. He looked at Molly with all the worry and fear in his eyes. No matter how many times he had seen Molly train together with Victor, he still felt anxious and worried in such a situation.

Kidnapper A started his count, "One!"

At this, Molly shook her head slightly. She gritted her teeth as she tried to calculate all the ways she could reduce the possibilities of getting hurt or killed.

"Two!" Kidnapper A continued.

Her lips curled slightly into a frown. Just as when she was about to take action, she saw a figure move swiftly in the reflection of the glass. Although she could barely see it, she recognized who it was in just one quick glimpse!

"Three!" before she could think more about it, the last number was out of Kidnapper A's mouth.

"Mummy--!" Mark now screamed in absolute fear.


The loud bang of the gunshot resonated throughout the whole area

with Mark's scream.

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