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   Chapter 772 Papa Brian Will Come To Our Rescue (Part Two)

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Inside the classroom, Molly held another child, a little girl this time who got kicked by one of the kidnappers as well. Her eyes looked scared but she still sharply stared at the kidnappers. She didn't really look at them square in the face, but she did her best to look at them while trying to calm the other kids down.

Molly felt the little girl slightly shift. "Miss, I want to go home. I am afraid. Can I get out of here?" she said in a trembling voice. She really tried her hardest not to cry out loud and instead choke it out in sobs. Her eyes reddened from all the tears flowing still, and her leg ached so much that she couldn't feel it.

Moll petted the little girl gentle and said, "Sweetheart. Don't freak out. The teacher and I are always here to protect you." Pausing a while

ple, he didn't know much about the man. Apparently, he was the boss of Grand Night Casino but it was said that he was actually the boss of Emp, one of the five biggest securities firms. However, all these identities were used to cover up the truth from the public.

Suddenly, someone called him. "Sir!" It was the captain, who ran towards him with a map in his hand. He slightly panted for a bit then said, "We all surveyed and discussed the gravity of this situation. We have concluded that the only way is to attack effectively is from above!"

Edgar was silent as his eyes looked at the map then to Brian's back. His commando unit was the best of the country and his men had made the conclusion after such a long time, whereas Brian got it just after a glimpse through the binoculars.

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