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   Chapter 772 Papa Brian Will Come To Our Rescue (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7948

Updated: 2019-06-04 00:14

Inside the classroom, Molly held another child, a little girl this time who got kicked by one of the kidnappers as well. Her eyes looked scared but she still sharply stared at the kidnappers. She didn't really look at them square in the face, but she did her best to look at them while trying to calm the other kids down.

Molly felt the little girl slightly shift. "Miss, I want to go home. I am afraid. Can I get out of here?" she said in a trembling voice. She really tried her hardest not to cry out loud and instead choke it out in sobs. Her eyes reddened from all the tears flowing still, and her leg ached so much that she couldn't feel it.

Moll petted the little girl gentle and said, "Sweetheart. Don't freak out. The teacher and I are always here to protect you." Pausing a while with her words she glanced at the kidnappers and continued, "This is a risky game. If we finish the game successfully, we will fear nothing from now on. Because I know that all of you are the bravest kids."

"Okay," the children replied in their bravest voices, despite their tear-filled eyes and minds muddled with fright.

Against the wall, Mark tightly pursed his lips. He also felt fearful, but he knew better than to create more troubles for his mother, even though he couldn't help her. His eyes looked towards the children. 'There are so many children here, and the teacher, and Mummy. Papa Brian will surely come to rescue us. He must!' Mark told himself.

Beside him, Molly continued to hold the little girl and scooted to the back little by little. She cast a glance at her son and held her breath. She was waiting for the perfect timing, the right opportunity.

The booming, slightly scratchy sound of the megaphone suddenly rang from outside. "Hostage takers inside the room, please listen. I am the captain of the commando unit that escorted Culpeo. You can ask for whatever you want now." Edgar said loudly, holding the device's microphone before his mouth. His voice was loud and clear through the megaphone, and he said, "But we want you make a promise that all the hostages are safe."

Inside the classroom, Kidnapper A showed himself to the outside a little bit. He carried an FNC* rifle in his hand. He warily looked out through the room's window through the scope of his gun and saw the badge pinned on Edgar's chest. He then bellowed, "Release Culpeo! That

thing but deal with its wounds there in the same place. However, when he brushed the dog's fur away from its forehead, he saw bits of broken glass stuck out. He turned to Brian and said, "Brian, its wound cannot be cleaned and bandaged here."

At this, Brian looked down at the big dog and said, "You can go heal your wounds. I promise that I can bring her out of that room."

Black Wolf only whined and its eyes worriedly looked at Brian. However, his words soon made the dog less anxious and it dragged its body to the car together with the vet. Black Wolf leaned his face against the car window when the car started, his eyes firmly locked at the art class and Brian as the car sped away.

The major general's eyes darted to Brian from where he stood. Like the rest of all the other people, he didn't know much about the man. Apparently, he was the boss of Grand Night Casino but it was said that he was actually the boss of Emp, one of the five biggest securities firms. However, all these identities were used to cover up the truth from the public.

Suddenly, someone called him. "Sir!" It was the captain, who ran towards him with a map in his hand. He slightly panted for a bit then said, "We all surveyed and discussed the gravity of this situation. We have concluded that the only way is to attack effectively is from above!"

Edgar was silent as his eyes looked at the map then to Brian's back. His commando unit was the best of the country and his men had made the conclusion after such a long time, whereas Brian got it just after a glimpse through the binoculars.

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