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   Chapter 771 Papa Brian Will Come To Our Rescue (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8320

Updated: 2019-06-04 00:13

When danger comes, one will turn to a support in spirit. Once you get spiritual support, you can become fearless. Love can give people courage.


The tightly shut doors of the sleek Benz blurred the noise from the commotion outside, yet an animal's ears were still sharp and sensitive to the sounds of megaphones, tactical gear, and shouting opposite the car's closed doors. Black Wolf's clear green eyes stared determinedly at the windshield.

"Bang!" The huge dog hauled itself forward so strongly that the sound of bone against glass was audible, but just a thin, white line of only slightly cracked glass appeared.

However, the glass was just too strong for Black Wolf. "Bang, bang, bump, bang!" Black Wolf repeatedly hit the large window with its head in hopes of breaking it. The glass cracked some more yet it resisted still, but the fur on the dog's head began to gradually moisten with a warm, red liquid.

The dog kept hitting the windshield with its head with an increasing force despite the also increasing cuts and blood on its head. A little while later, a nearby policeman heard the bumping sound. The policeman got nearer and nearer to the car and when he got there, his mouth opened in shock. There, the large dog continued to break the glass with its head. In that exact moment, the windshield finally gave in and cracked open enough to allow the dog to come out. Black Wolf indeed jumped out quickly, a small gust of wind trailing in its wake. However, it did not run towards the art class building but instead to the direction where the car Molly drove came from.

Before the policeman could even make sense of what just happened, Black Wolf suddenly stopped in its tracks. An incoming car approached nearer but a second before it fully stopped, the passenger door burst opened and Brian Long sprinted off the vehicle. Right after, its tires screeched to a halt beside Black Wolf.

"Woof, woof!" Black Wolf barked and ran towards Brian, the fur on its head still wet with blood. The fur on its head stuck out in different angles and was a bright crimson. However, it seemed that the dog didn't feel hurt as it kept barking and scratched its paws on the ground.

"Be quiet!" Brian hissed in a loud and cold voice. The look on his face was serious and cold. Brian's eyes squinted upon catching sight of the broken wind shield and the art class. His gaze only turned harsher and icier after scanning his surroundings.

A moment ago, Tony informed him that Bl

e the hostages!"

"Yes, Sir!" the captain answered briskly. The captain then ran to his men and proceeded to follow Edgar's instruction.

While all the people in the vicinity were occupied, the people of XK Intelligence Agency had already arrived in that short amount of time. Their vehicles' wheels skidded against the asphalt to a screeching halt.

Brian Long strode forward to the major general and police captain. Some people in the area who didn't know him began to whisper among themselves why someone came to an area that was in a lock-down. Then, they saw both Edgar and the police officer turn to greet him.


Why did you come here?

Is something up?" When Brian had joined them, the police officer grumbled to himself, 'Wish there is not the kid of this big man!'

However, before Brian could retort back Edgar had spoken for him already. "His wife is in the room. How cannot he appear here?!" the major general said in an irritated voice. "Am I right, Brian?" Edgar raised his eyebrows as he asked.

However, Brian did not respond to Edgar's question and instead, looked at the badge pinned on his right chest. He calmly said, "I haven't said congrats to you when you returned to the army and was promoted to major general."

The said major general's lips curved upward into a slight smile. However, that smile did not reach his ears.

Meanwhile, Black wolf had followed Brian. While its master talked to Edgar, it laid on its stomach, with its big green eyes fixated on the art class room. Suddenly, it began to growl and bark in a low tone.

Brian's eyes darted to Black Wolf and in turn, looked at the art class too.

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