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   Chapter 770 Danger (Part Three)

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Molly silently gritted her teeth and pulled Mark into a tight embrace as she was ushered to one corner.

Another one of the masked and armed men locked and loaded a bullet into his gun, intending to shoot Molly. However, he was prevented by the one pointing a gun at Molly's temple. Then, he gestured to one of the other kidnappers that kept watch over the children to put Molly and Mark together with them.

The room of the art class had quite a large lighting surface area, so there was little space left at the corner where the children were. Mark squatted against the wall and next to him was Molly. Half of her body could be seen from the window.

The kidnappers were looking for advantageous locations to guard the place. The teacher glanced at the children and Molly who all huddled in the corner with a tear-stricken face. She sobbed and said, "I'm your target. Release all the children. I'm enough to be your hostage."

"Shut up!" a booming voice bellowed throughout the room and the teacher was slapped again. The sight of the assault made the children cry and scream. One of the kids was kicked in the shin by a kidnapper standing guard beside him.

"Don't use violence against kids..."

the teacher didn't get to finish her words when Molly moved towards the child who got kicked and held him in her arms. She looked fiercely at the kidnappers and clenched her teeth. She bravely said, "You have your aim. One more child you hold in your hands, one more chip you have for bargaining. Aren't you afraid that you might lose a chip by using such heavy methods?"

The children continued to sob. They wanted to cry out loud out of extreme fear but they dared not to. Since they had known Mark already from last morning, they huddled close to one another by instinct.

When they heard what Molly just said, the kidnappers looked at one another in consideration. Then, the kidnapper standing by the window who kept watch on the outside said, "Don't create any new problem. Whether we can rescue our boss or not will depend on this one action."

Upon his order, all the other kidnappers followed suit and toned down their cruel treatment of the children. Molly then immediately checked up on the child who had been kicked. She felt slightly relieved when she found that there was only a bluish discoloration on his leg. She held the child in her arms and told the rest of the children in a low voice, "Don't be afraid. Everyone of you will be all right with your teacher and I together with you here."

Her words seemed to have a calming effect as the children gradually stopped crying. They only looked at the kidnappers in fear through tear-filled eyes.

Mark pursed his lips tightly into a thin line. Even though he appeared to be more cool and collected than the other children, he couldn't fully hide the fear in his eyes.

As Molly tried to pacify the sobbing children, she discreetly eyed each of the kidnappers up and down. It wasn't until then that she discovered that a bomb was bound to the back of the teacher.

The sound of th

les from the hostage site to warn incoming travelers. Meanwhile, some of the policemen on the site began to evacuate the remaining civilians nearby in consideration of the capacity of the kidnappers' firepower. Fortunately, the building of the art class had been built by the government for the community as a public space and thus, everybody except for those held in hostage had left the building.

The director of the criminal police unit was still trying to deal with the kidnappers. However, twenty minutes had passed and they had only ten minutes left until the kidnappers would shoot a hostage, or not. His face looked more distressed than ever.

Inside the art class room, the teacher strained in her seat with gritted teeth. Never in her life had she experienced such a traumatizing thing. She not only worried for the children in her class, but she felt guilty towards Mark and Molly as well.

Meanwhile, Molly pretended to be scared as she assessed the situation in the room. In order for her to get back to Brian's side, she had undergone the most rigorous and brutal training from the five Golden Flowers. As a result, it had made her quite familiar with the weapons held by the kidnappers. The police outside hadn't taken any action yet. It seemed that everybody in the room, including her, was not likely to survive this incident.

Her lips curled downward into a scowl. She was angry at herself. She thought about Black Wolf's behavior awhile ago. Perhaps the reason why the enormous dog had adamantly refused to let go of her trouser leg just awhile ago was because it had sensed the danger.

While she pondered over Black Wolf's previous actions, the said dog who was inside the Benz parked by the sidewalk kept jumping up and down wildly in the backseat.

Its large eyes looked at the flashing lights of the police cars around him, then only groaned and jumped more. It then moved back slightly to the opposite side of the backseat and as if preparing to sprint, it suddenly hauled itself against the car window.

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