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   Chapter 769 Danger (Part Two)

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As soon as he skirted around the villa, his phone rang. He took it out and picked up the call.

"Tony, Black Wolf ran away!"

an anxious voice came through the phone.

"What?" Tony immediately stopped in his tracks. "What happened?"

Black Wolf was an intelligent mastiff. It had never run away without Brian's command except when it had accompanied Molly outside of the manor that one time.

The serious voice spoke through the phone once again, "Black Wolf has been running around in the backyard for the past few days. It seemed that it became livelier than before."

He then added, "Therefore, we all thought that it was just playing today. We didn't notice anything wrong until we found that it was missing. We've searched everywhere high and low, and we found its trace. It ran away in the same route it took last time. If nothing goes wrong, it should have arrived at downtown."

"My goodness!" Tony yelled, and immediately turned around and headed to the villa.


On the road, Molly continued to drive Brian's car. There was hardly any traffic and they traveled quite smoothly. They passed through the bustling area of A City, then turned to the next streets that were headed to the luxurious apartment in Kylin District. While on the road, mother and son discussed and ran through their plans for tomorrow. They planned to go to the villa once again. Their reasons were to have a free meal, and to help Lisa with housework. Both of them believed that it was necessary to be shameless in order to take the cold Brian down.

One building caught Mark's attention. "Well, how could the light of the art class be still on?" Mark said as he looked out the window at the building that had one room with a light on. His eyes lit up all of a sudden then he said, "Mommy, stop. I haven't said thanks to Miss Xie or my little friends."

Molly drove at a slower speed. "Are they the ones who put on the play together with you?" she asked. The car stopped at the curb and Molly looked at the art class room through the car window. It seemed somewhat weird that its lights were still on at this time of the day.

"Why isn't the class over yet? It's so late!" Molly wondered.

"I don't know," Mark


However, Molly didn't think anything of it and only pulled Mark to step inside the halls. The boy opened the door to the art class room and happily said, "Miss Xie…"

At that moment, he didn't get to finish his sentence as he saw that something was terribly wrong.

There in front of him was the teacher, who sat on a chair with an expression that mixed worry and fear on her anxious face.

All the children who attended the art class sat on the ground on one corner that could not be seen from outside.

"He's not my student...Ah--!"

A harsh slap landed squarely on the teacher's cheek before she could finish her words.

While Molly and Mark stood frozen at the entry in shock, someone quickly shut the door. The cold metal of a gun barrel were each placed against the temples of Molly and Mark. If it wasn't for the abnormal life they had lived for the past two years, both mother and son might have been trembling from head to toe in fright and even sobbing in fear like the teacher and the other children.

"Who are you?" Molly asked as she tried hard to mask the trembling in her voice by being calm. "If you want money, I can give you. Just please don't hurt the kids."

Her eyes scanned the room and saw that everybody who carried a gun wore a hood that only exposed their eyes and mouth.

"Go! Go there," the kidnapper who had pointed a gun at Molly said coldly and pushed her, the cold metal barrel of the weapon still touching her temple.

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