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   Chapter 768 Danger (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8333

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While the ocean is the sky upside down, you're the only one to trigger my tears.

* The setting sunlight filtered by the heavy navy curtain cast a dark blue-orange glow across the carpeted floor of the room. The air was tense. Molly stood defiantly in front of Brian and asked, "Were you happy when Mark called you 'uncle'?"

The deep jet black irises of Brian gazed at Molly as her own orbs mirrored sadness and anger in them. His deep voice spoke, "Molly, I don't need to pretend." His face remained stone-cold and his eyes were still apathetic as ever. "It doesn't matter how Mark calls me. He's my son, whether he remembers me or not. Similarly, the fact that he's my son will never change, whether I remember him or not. Do you understand?" he added.

The vein in Molly's temple throbbed slightly. "Do you have to put it this way?" she asked as her large eyes remained fixated on Brian. When he said those words, it felt like her heart was scratched against a charred surface and it hurt like hell. Her voice turned a bit hoarse as she said, "You can tell me straight that you don't want me any longer, and you can even tell me that you're too tired to love me any longer. But why do you choose to refuse me in this way?"

She smiled gently, despite her teary reddened eyes. "Brian, even if you view me as an object, you can't just grasp me by force when you want me then discard me when you don't want me. I'm not some garbage used by you!" she added fiercely.

The thin lips of Brian frowned into a scowl at Molly's words of self-depreciation.

She took a deep breath and forced her cowardliness to retreat to the deepest pits of her mind. Her eyes scanned her surroundings then she said, "Nothing has changed in the furnishing or decoration in your study. The same can be said for the whole villa. Everything is still where they were. As a person so persistent with your own habits, it is impossible for you to forget me, besides you love me so much!"

At her words, Brian sneered and said, "Love you?

Don't you need…"

"Shut up!" the loud voice of Molly cut him off abruptly. She suddenly turned rude and brash out of the blue. While Brian slightly frowned at this and turned his dark and cold eyes to look at her, her feet walked towards him and her hands pushed his chest forward without warning. Brian was caught off-guard, so his legs stumbled backward and he was pinned down on the desk. When he moved to stand up again, Molly prevented him as she looked down to his

talked about mundane things, the car drove farther away

from the villa, heading downtown.

Meanwhile, inside the villa, the dusk glow of the sunset had faded in the early evening sky.

The street lamps now blinked their artificial white light. Brian stood by the French window in the living room. The room was completely swathed in darkness, and it looked lonely. He clutched a cigarette between his slim fingers. The nicotine stick gave out a light smoke with a little spark. Brian's eyes looked at the dim light from the night lamps outside as what Molly had said awhile ago kept playing in his mind.

Everybody had their own weak points, while his only weak point was Molly.

Everybody who had a weak point would be afraid for others to exploit it, and he was no exception.

Meanwhile, Tony stood at a corner outside the villa. From his view, he could see the lonely figure of Brian standing hunched by the French window.

He had just finished talking to Vincent on the phone. After their conversation, they were now sure that Brian was pretending to have amnesia. It didn't take long for the two of them to piece the puzzle together and conclude that the reason their boss pretended to lose his memories was simply because he wanted Molly to live her own life, a quiet and peaceful life free from all the thorns that came with being with him.

However, even though Molly could live a peaceful life, would she be happy? She wouldn't be happy without Brian, just like how Brian wouldn't be happy without Molly.

After observing Brian for a while, Tony could only sigh. He turned around and walked towards his residence just behind the villa.

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