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   Chapter 766 The Beginning Of The New Trial (Part Three)

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His question took them by surprise once more, and it required more wisdom for the answer to match their excuse earlier. Cautious to protect Mark's innocence, both adults spoke in unison.



They looked at each other in shock. Their differing answers nearly threw their first excuse off the track. Pretending to be surprised, Mark looked up at Molly, and then at Brian. "Which is it exactly?" he asked.

It was like Molly lost her tongue. For she did not dare to speak anymore in fear that she might make things worse. Luckily, Brian managed to clean the mess their inconsistency created. "She's here for a part-time job." Then he glanced up at the dishes on the table. "It's just that my butler is going to be on leave for a few days. So for the meantime, I asked your mom to take over his position until he's back," he explained. Walking to the dining table, he pulled the chair out and said, "Come on then, Mark. Let's eat."

Pouting, Mark considered how to ask his question. After a moment's hesitation, he spoke to Molly, "Mom, I want to wash my hands first."

"Okay, come with me." After stealing a glance at Brian, she took Mark to the bathroom.

She stood by the doorway, her hand firmly clutching the doorknob as Mark washed his hands. Although he could not show it with Mark around, Molly was indignant at the way Brian talked about her role in the cover story. 'Full-time job, par-time job. A housemaid, servant...' thought Molly in a sulky mood. 'Am I someone who's doomed to serve others all life long? I've lived in the villa for at least three times so far, and yet my title always bounced between housemaid or servant. Can't you at least find a more decent title for me for once? It's just so degrading to be called those words all the time!'

"Mom," said Mark encouragingly, noting her annoyance while still washing his hands, "I'm trying to help you. But it still depends on you to prevail over Papa Brian." His voice sounded so firm and steady that Molly could not help but wonder how these words could come from such a sweet, tender little boy.

"Prevail over Brian? Where the hell can I find the power to do that?" Molly asked mindlessly, until she realized her mistake in front of her son. While giving him an apologetic look, Molly noted Mark's displeasure. He had his lips pressed together, and did not say anything. To allevia

gs were returning back to its own designated orbit. What he hadn't been able to understand before, was now beginning to make sense. Nothing in the world was more completely undetectable or uncontrollable than love, the most common yet complicated connection between every living souls on earth.

In the past, he had been confused about his dad's behavior. Now he had the feeling that he could understand him, perhaps even do the same if he was in his father's position. In order to see his loved one living a happy and full life, he was willing to take all the blame and pain.

The marriage between his parents was the fulfillment of the dream which his mom had always longed for. To his mom, it was better to stay at his side, unloved, than moaning and savoring her own eternal loneliness. Even more, she was very much certain that her husband would never abandon her. Because of the sacrifice that his dad made, not only did it make his mom's dream come true, but it also relieved the tension and pressure on Richie and Shirley's relationship. Since they loved each other, it was best to bless them to be together.

His reverie was cut short by his phone suddenly ringing.

Walking back to his desk, Eric picked up the phone.

"Mr. Eric Long, Senator Huang has returned from his visit to Europe. He asked if he could get a chance to see you tomorrow," came the secretary's professional voice. "I took the liberty of checking your schedule, sir. You will be vacant from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM tomorrow morning," she informed.

"Noted," Eric replied curtly, and hung up the phone.

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