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   Chapter 765 The Beginning Of The New Trial (Part Two)

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Although the heat was too much to handle during daytime in South Africa, gusts of wind would blow every now and then from the north to bring in blissful cool moments, making the weather enjoyable and pleasant.

In a hammock tied down to two willow trees, was Shirley lying down and relaxing in the shade. Snug and cozy, she listened to the sound of the birds and crickets singing along.

Not long after, a sound of footsteps treading on the grass drew closer. Shirley did not rise up from her spot to see who it was, and kept swaying on the hammock until the person stopped in front of her.

"I didn't expect you'd enjoy your time here," came the person's voice.

"Why ever not?' questioned Shirley, glancing up at the person. "Listening to the birds and the crickets sing, you'd be surprised at how brilliant of a band they can be together. Truly, this is the song of nature. The most original and wonderful song," she complimented.

Frowning, the indifferent person asked, "Shouldn't you be worried about Brian?"

"There's nothing to worry about at the moment," Shirley grimaced, "Molly and Mark have returned to him. I think they can handle him better this time. More importantly," her smile grew as she continued, "what can I do when I'm all the way here?" A glint of confidence in her eyes affirmed her belief in Molly's ability to settle things with Brian. Adjusting herself in the hammock, she resumed, "Now that I know that Brian's been faking about his Amnesia, do you think I should inform Molly?" She pursed her lips together while deep in thought. "Maybe I shouldn't. It'll only put all of Brian's efforts go in vain. You have no idea how depressed he was when they left. I remember him crying in my arms all night." She sighed. "It, quite literally, tore his heart out," Then she averted her face again, her eyes shining in an intelligent light as she continued her speech, "But you know me. I can't stand keeping a secret either, especially when I see that Molly's hurting just as much as Brian. This is why I'd rather wait a little longer here. It beats staying in A city and watching them fight with each other. I'll just show up when my time comes," she said in a slow and determined voice.

"When your time comes? What's that supposed to mean?" the person asked, puzzled.

Thinking of her plan unraveling amused Shirley more than she expected. Although she could not wait to set it in motion, timing was of the es

aught me a lot of neat tricks there. It was a wonderful day. He told me you'd be here. But mom, I don't understand. What are you doing in his house?" he asked, seeking for an explanation.

His inchoate and vibrant voice resonated in the silence of the room. He seemed puzzled while delighted as if he was really out of his memory.

Troubled by his question, Molly's eyes shifted between the two before asking, "Mark, why are you acting like this?" Her lips trembled in bewilderment.

"I just don't understand, mom," Mark said, with no intention to drop his pretense. "Uncle Brian took me here. But, how did you get here? Why are you here?" he persisted.

"Well..." Molly drawled, wracking her mind for an appropriate response. "That is because..." But words failed to help her in that situation. "That's because..."

"She's here because I hired her to be my housemaid." To her relief, Brian intervened and helped her come up with an excuse.

Relieved, Molly's eyes lit up as she thought up more details about the cover story. Hastily, she winked at Mark, "He's right. I came here to do house chores. Since you need to eat and go to school, someone needs to make money to take care of you. And I thought I was qualified for the job. Don't you agree?" she asked, trying to let the tension pass.

With eyes that seemed to remain just as baffled, Mark looked at her face. "Mom, are you here for part-time or full-time job?" he inquired. The boy appeared to have entered an amusement park that he had never visited before. There were mountains of questions in his mind, a lot of 'Whys' and 'Whats' fighting for his attention.

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