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   Chapter 764 The Beginning Of The New Trial (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7897

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There is always a story behind a person's passionate undertakings. Every persistence, desire to overcome trials—these urges were influenced by such an impressionable event in the past, that the person was compelled to succumb to any means necessary just to quench one's needs.

With a chicken leg in one hand, and a cup of Coca-Cola in the other, a content Mark was thoroughly enjoying himself in McDonald's.

One glimpse at the boy, and his face would express just how satisfied he was. After all, satiating his craving for fast food was long overdue. Usually, the opportunity for such kind of fast food was uncommon due to their current life situation. However, as Mark had discovered Brian's little secret, he used it as a leverage, and bargained it for the food that he had been longing to have for so many days.

Like any other kid, his top recommendation was Mcdonald's. So there they went, ordered a lot of food on the menu, and sat down to have his little dream come true. As part of his job, Tony stood in the corridor and watched over the father and son. For a while now, he had been suppressing the urge to burst out in laughter. It was the first time for Brian to take Mark to such a place, and thus, they appeared to be in a rather comical situation. His restraint, which was on the verge of failing, only left him with a weird, distorted look on his face.

As Brian was seated with Mark on the other side of the table, his eyebrows creased at the sight of the Hamburger and Coca-Cola that was placed in front of him. Stealing a glimpse at Mark, he wondered how to start eating such a meal. As far as he could remember, Shirley never brought him to any of these fast food chains when he was a little boy. Now, however, he found himself in such an establishment, and it was all because of his son. Being Mark's father, this was the first time he took him there as well.

When Mark saw that Brian had not touched his food yet, he frowned in wonder and looked up at him. "Uncle," he said with a hint of uncertainty, trying to get his attention. "Do you not like the food?"

Averting his gaze from the food to the boy's earnest face, he put on a grin and shook his head in denial. "No, I like them as much as you do. I was just thinking which one I should begin with," he said, easing Mark's tension. He was not about to spoil Mark's day just bec

f you can get over the test this time. I don't believe you're that strong, ' she snorted inwardly, pouring the medicine in every bottle that she pulled. Knowing Brian's habit of drinking wine during dinner, she was certain that he would consume the medicine regardless of which bottle he picked. When the deed was done, Molly checked each of them one by one to ensure that there was no color change due to the medicine. Then gingerly, she put all of the bottles back to their original position in the wine cabinet.

After looking at the wine bottles, she felt a bit of satisfaction. Propping her body against the bar counter, her arm supporting her face, she pondered over her relationship with Brian. If you love Ling so much and have massive control over yourself, then why didn't you act like it last night?' she contemplated, pouting over Brian's intentions. After mulling over it some more, she concluded, 'Men are just animals who behave accordingly to physical satisfaction. They're incapable of having emotions or sentiments over relationships with others.'

The boiling sound of the water interrupted her thoughts. Coming out of her reverie, she returned to the kitchen and went back to work. Apart from making dinner for the rest of the day, she also spent time coming up with ways on how to get the upper hand over Brian. Unlike her entanglement with Brian in the past, she found her current relationship with him rather fascinating. It did not matter if it was for a good or bad thing. As long as Brian was concerned, she was willing to take part in the game.

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