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   Chapter 763 Mark Is Bullied (Part Three)

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Brian couldn't take his eyes off Mark. His clothes had become dirty when he had fallen down on the damp ground. He keeled down next to him and patted the dust off his clothes. Mark's lips curled into a bright smile at his dad's gesture. Brian looked at the children and said, "It's not right for kids to fight like this. You should behave yourself and play together, okay?"

The chubby little boy showed no arrogance in front of him. He lowered his head and said apologetically, "Okay. Mark, I'm so sorry."

"It's all right," said Mark, with the smile spreading all over his face now. He then looked at Brian and asked, "Dad, what are you doing here?"

"I was just passing by," Brian said in a soft tone, "I saw you from the car and wanted to check if you were okay here." After a quick glance at the children, he asked, "Where's your Mommy?"

"Mommy didn't come home yet," said Mark feigning sadness. He pouted his lips and peered up at Brian. "I was out looking for her."

Brian frowned at his words, 'The hotel I had sent her to last night is close to where she and Mark lives. It's noon already. Why hasn't she gone back home? Did something happen to her?' A mixed feeling of panic and annoyance crawled into his mind, but he kept his mask on and asked Mark, "Did you have lunch?"

Mark shook his head slightly.

Brian frowned again. He was exasperated that Molly was being so negligent about Mark. He looked at the little boy's saddened face and said gently, "I'll take you to lunch first. And then we'll go look for Mommy, okay?"

"Okay!" Mark said. He kept his dismal face on the outside, but he was delighted that his little trick was working.

Brian stood up from the ground. He held Mark's soft little hand and walked towards his car. Mark turned back and silently waved to the other children. They waved back to him. Some of them couldn't help but jump up and show him a triumphant gesture. Their play was a grand success.

Just after Brian's car had left, the teacher came out from an alley nearby with a beaming smile and said to the children, "You guys are the best actors I have ever seen! And as for today's reward for the acting class, everyone gets a beautiful red flower for their amazing performance!"

The children cheered together. "Teacher, is that man really Mark's dad?" asked the little girl, with a worried expression.

Vincent came out from his hiding spot, and answered her question, "Yes, he is. But he lost his memories in an accident. So he doesn't remember Mark." The children gasped and some of them shook their heads in disbelief. Vincent continued, "

lked into a trap. "Wouldn't he find out that I was at the villa if I stayed to cook for him?" Although she did want to stay and make dinner for Brian, she was still worried that he might find out that she was at the villa and kick her out.

"Don't worry about all that! Let him know that you are here," Lisa winked. "Let him see you and fall in love with you once again. That way, you and the Young Master Mark can come back home."

Molly desired nothing more than that. Lisa's words made her so happy that she nodded hysterically. After seeing John and Lisa off, she carried her heavy bag inside.

Meanwhile, at the villa's monitoring room, two security guards were in a dilemma.

"So, we just let her in and out as she pleases?" one guard asked, worried that Brian wouldn't let this matter slide if he found out about it.

"I don't think we need to worry about it. Tony said that she could come and go whenever she likes. We shouldn't meddle in her affairs," the other one said, looking at the monitor.

"But John and Lisa have left..." the guard said, still worried.

"If anything happens, Tony will take full responsibility," the latter guard said firmly.

"Fine, if you say so," the guard finally agreed.

The monitoring room fell silent again as if nothing had happened out of the ordinary.

Molly put the grocery in the kitchen and took out the mysterious medicine she had bought from that quack. She looked at the medicine with a gleam of excitement in her eyes. She said to herself in a whisper, "Brian, I am going to dose you with this love medicine. Once you take it, you will not be able to resist my charm. If I get pregnant with another baby, would you still kick me out of your villa and your life?"

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