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   Chapter 762 Mark Is Bullied (Part Two)

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He silently exchanged a glance with Tony, raising an eyebrow. Tony shrugged slightly, indicating that he had no clue either.

Disgruntled, he glared at Tony angrily. Tony, on the other hand, had a self-satisfied smug on his face and pretended that he didn't see Harrow's wild glare.

Last night, when Tony and Mr. Brian Long had gone back to the villa, he had overheard John inconspicuously saying that Molly was also at the villa. Judging from his expression at the time, Tony was sure that she was still in the villa. But he wasn't sure if Brian knew it or not.

Thinking back about the trick he had played on his Master Brian last night, Tony sniggered behind his back and glanced stealthily at him. But he hoped that Brian wouldn't discover what he had done. If he did, then Tony knew that he would be doomed beyond any possible return. Tony sighed silently. 'What I had done might have been a serious breach of trust, but it was the right thing to do. This is good for Mr. Brian Long, Molly and Master Mark. Vincent would agree too.' his mind raced as he thought of the consequences of his actions.

"Mr. Brian Long..." Harrow's voice trailed off. He wanted to bring Brian's focus back on the work at hand. So, he called him again in a low voice, "Mr. Brian Long?"

Brian's thoughts were harshly interrupted by Harrow's voice. He threw a cold glance at Harrow, which made him freeze in his place. He gulped in fear.

Looking at the report to be reviewed with a gloomy face, Harrow summed up the courage to ask hesitantly, "Mr. Brian Long, is... is there a problem with the report?"

"No," Brian replied plainly.

He regained his usual composure, then quickly signed his name on the report dexterously and ordered, "Talk to Aaron about the micro-control of QY Island."

"Understood," Harrow answered and received the signed report. "Mr. Brian Long, if there's nothing else, I would like to take my leave."

Brian nodded curtly and Harrow left without another word. He returned his glance to the computer screen and typed a string of password numbers onto the keyboard with his sleek fingers. He watched the activities on the screen intently and, from time to time, typed specific orders to different people.

It was noon in the blink of an eye and Tony reminded Brian that he had to go to the Grand Night Casino since an important gambling was to be held soon. It had something to do with his friend, so he wanted to be there to show his support.

After sending out the final instructions for the


The other children stopped moving and looked at the man in front of them, without blinking. At first, they didn't understand who he was or where he had come from all of a sudden.

Mark looked at the big hands that were holding him firmly in place, then looked up and met Brian's deep eyes. His eyes brightened and he said, "Unc-" He was about to call him 'uncle', but he immediately swallowed the rest of the word and exclaimed with twinkling eyes, "Dad!"

Brian froze. He stared at Mark in shock, then a moment later, he realized that his little boy was trying to cope with the current situation he was facing with the other kids. But hearing Mark call him 'Dad' made him feel more satisfied than ever. Past memories came flashing back to him. He still remembered that when Mark was much younger, he would always call him 'Papa Brian'. The memories were still fresh, as if it had happened only yesterday.

"Look! He really has a dad!" the little girl exclaimed, startled. She pointed at Brian and said excitedly in a sweet voice, "His dad is so handsome... He's so handsome!" She couldn't find any more words to describe her feelings.

"You... You really do have a dad," the chubby little boy who had pushed Mark earlier said hastily, pouting his lips and scratching his head, kind of feeling sorry for what he had just done.

Mark stood up from Brian's embrace with his chin up and said proudly, "Of course, I have a dad!" Then he stood beside Brian and grabbed his big hand. With a giant smile, he said, "This is my dad. Isn't he cool?"

The other kids nodded one after another. They looked at Mark with envy in their eyes and then looked at his dad again.

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