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   Chapter 759 When Courage Does Not Always Mean Fearless (Part Two)

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Glancing at the closed door with a hand on her heaving bosom, she began to feel a bit bummed out. It occurred to her that although she was in a rush to leave the room out of fear, she had hoped that he would at least stop her and say something. Even if it were just to mock her—that would have made her feel better. In any case, the situation got worse due to his silence while she rambled on. After being together with her, Molly just couldn't believe that he had nothing to say.

Averting her eyes from the room, Molly shook her head and went downstairs. According to Golden Flower No. 5, all men thought with their private parts only.

In addition to that, she also said that one way to a man's heart was through his stomach, and the other of course, his private part again.

While walking slowly, a glint of determination returned to Molly's eyes, replacing the disappointment that was there earlier.

As it was late at night, only a few people could be seen outside when Molly exited the villa. Wrapping her coat around her body, and holding her purse, she could not decline John's offer to drive her downtown, as he insisted that it was not safe for a woman to walk alone on such a dark night.

Once they reached downtown, Molly eagerly requested John to return to the villa. But before he left, John advised her to come back to the villa whenever she had the time. Why? So she could cook for Brian since the man was rarely in the villa during the day.

Of course, Molly was more than willing to do that, seeing as it was a part of her plan to frequent the villa anyway. Thanks to John's encouragement, her determination was even stronger now.

Walking down the busy street, Molly looked around at all the buildings which had bright, neon signs. Despite the unbearable cold, several crowds of people continued to loiter in the streets. It appeared that not even cold winter nights could reduce people's passion for nightlife.

Furious, Molly walked with her purse on her shoulder. Her apartment was only a block away. Looking at her watch, she thought that Mark was probably in bed by then.

When a person would choose to live alone, people liked to assume a lot of details that were easily neglected.

Stopping in

explanation sent shivers down her spine, a faint flame rising from the deep depths of her heart. With eyes growing wide, she growled, "You're right." Then, she raised the glass and drank the wine off. The ice whetted her appetite while the smell of wine took over her body. Putting the glass down, she asked for another round.

"Miss, you will get drunk if you drink it that way," the bartender gently warned. "Every coin has two sides. Winter is cold, but what follows it is the Spring. You'll feel warm soon."

Taking heed of the bartender's words, Molly did not bother to disagree with him. So instead, she ordered some wine for the bartender. For quite some time, they chatted and drank together. His company was such a pleasure, Molly did not even notice that she already had six glasses.

"Love Song in Winter is mild, but you still get drunk if you have too much," said the bartender, attempting to slow her consumption.

The woman was starting to have double vision, seeing two heads of the same bartender. Shaking her head, she pointed to him and slurred, "Y-you are right." Her elegant facade vanished the moment she burped. Then she said, sounding vague half the time, "Why should I feel scared? He is my guy! He should... he should sleep with me.

Yes, that's right! I should go now and tell him that." Even as her eyes grew heavy, she continued to speak to no one in particular. "Yes, you are my guy. We should be together forever. We are doomed to be together..."

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