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   Chapter 758 When Courage Does Not Always Mean Fearless (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7143

Updated: 2019-06-01 00:50

Whenever I felt fear creeping in, I'd put up a front and face it head-on. On the other hand, when tormented by reality, like a true masochist, I would embrace it with open arms.

For seeing a loved one despite the suffering could make it all worth it in the end. Like being under a spell that one can't break away from, it is something that simply can't be avoided.

In A-magic Restaurant.

During dinner, Mark was more than elated to be eating Chinese food once again. As he had been living abroad for almost two years, he had missed it very much, particularly the spicy dishes which were difficult to find in Britain. Vincent, however, was absent-minded the entire time.

"Vincent," said Mark, after taking a bite and gulping some water. "Why aren't you eating?"

Slumping back in his seat, Vincent threw him a dejected look. For over two years, he had not been able to talk to Brian, and the man never hinted the possibility of forgiving him. Today in the parking lot, Vincent saw him but it was just a glance. It troubled him that Brian did not even see him at all.

"Young master, do you think Miss Molly will make it today?" he asked, holding a glass of water. He feared that today could be a huge failure, and it sorely upset him because he had been anticipating his return to XK Intelligence Agency for a while now.

While Mark wiped his mouth with a napkin, his mannerism revealed that he was still just an ordinary kid, straightforward and spontaneous. Even though in the past few years Victor watched him grow, the boy still lacked the elegance that was often found in people from the Royal family. It was Victor's decision not to keep the child on a tight leash, allowing him to develop his own potential. Nevertheless, Mark was still heavily influenced by the extraordinary people around him.

"I don't know, either," Mark replied, still wolfing down his meal. Then he paused, his chopsticks in mid-air. Pursing his lips, he rested a hand on his chin. "If Mommy comes up with a great plan, I think she'll get her big break this time." Mark couldn't help but recall the encounter with Papa Brian today in parking

-deprecating manner, "I love you, Brian. And I'm willing to get back together with you again."

Taking a deep breath, Molly looked at Brian who wore a long face. "I'm leaving now. But I'll never let you go!" When she was done talking, Molly left the room without waiting for a response from him.

The man's eyes grew deeper by the second like the unfathomable sea. Unable to speak, he could only utter her name before she left. As the door closed behind her, he stared at it pointedly, as if he could see her outside.

Squinting his eyes, he creased his eyebrows and returned to his thoughts. The meal permeated her tastes, particularly the tomato and egg noodle! Although he should have recognized it, he was not sure whether it was because of an oversight on his behalf or an intentional decision not to think about it. 'She played a good trick on me. After drugging me, she had the nerve to say that? The villain sues his victim before he himself was prosecuted?' Brian thought, which got his blood boiling.

Tossing the bedsheet aside, he got off the bed and stood on his bare feet. He then grabbed the bathrobe beside the bed, and wore it on the way to the bathroom.

Outside the door, Molly leaned against the wall while gasping for air. Just now, she was filled with extreme trepidation. Brian must have known that it was her who drugged him. What could she do if Brian decided to throw her off the building?

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