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   Chapter 757 Allure You Again (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6935

Updated: 2019-06-01 00:54

His love for Molly hadn't faded any bit since they had separated. On the contrary, he missed her more and more as time passed by. He thought that there might be a chance for him to be able to bury his desire for Molly deep in the innermost valve of his heart, locking it there for eternity. He realized, however, how ridiculous that thought was the moment he saw Molly again in the casino. He tried his best to be cold and blissfully unaware, but all his effort in concealing his love for Molly had only proved to be in vain.

Brian lifted his hand and chugged the glass of wine in one gulp. The sweetness lingered on his lips until he gulped it down. His face twisted as if what he had swallowed was not the wine but his thirst for Molly, the fast digestion brought a scorching pain to his heart.

Suddenly, Brian felt a burning sensation across his body. He furrowed his brows, his eyes, which were as sharp as an eagle, darkened and grew tense. The burning feeling which started from the abdomen had now felt even in the tips of his limbs with heavy vibrations which in turn made his body stiff.

'That's the consequence of leading an abstinent life?' This thought came rushing into to Brian's mind as he clearly felt a sexual energy spring up within him. 'My body reacts physically, even with just a mere thought of her in my mind? This is ridiculous!'

Brian placed the goblet down and shook his head rigorously to shake off her image in his mind. Then he walked back towards the stair, with plans to handle some issues pertaining to XK Intelligence Agency in his study.

All the while, Molly had been hiding in the kitchen. She did not dare to take a breath until Brian walked upstairs. With no idea about what would happen next, she only prayed and wished with all her heart that the quack's medicine would take effect. "I'll smash his stall tomorrow if it doesn't work!" Molly murmured vehemently. She lingered a little longer in the kitchen before taking off the apron and her coat which had concealed away the succinct underclothes that accentuated her sexy fi

rigorous as if he were not looking at a woman like a man but instead like a beast who was about to tear apart his prey.

Molly didn't realize until now how much drug she gave him by accident. The entire amount of the philter, coupled with the alcohol's effect, would produce an uncontrollable surge of hot pulsating sexual thirst that no ordinary man could resist. Brian was always a man of determination and a strong will power. He was able to control and keep a check on his desire as long as Molly didn't show up in front of him. Unfortunately, he had run into Molly and Mark very frequently in recent days, which had clearly brought up a whirlwind of emotions and disturbances to his peaceful mind. And now, Molly was standing right across from him!

Molly was so shocked that she took a huge gulp and breath to steady herself. In a gentle and yet loving tone she called out, "Bri?"

Brian completely lost control of himself just hearing her address him so delicately. He suddenly pulled Molly towards him and pushed her against the wall with great violence and yet sexual tension. His lips pressed on Molly's before she could realize what was happening.

Pleasant moans filled the bathroom, mixing with the rolling thick warm steamy air. The running water sounded noisy, but the panting of lovers in excitement was even louder, making it all seem so perfectly seamless.

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