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   Chapter 756 Allure You Again (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7260

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To be honest, she had no idea whether her plan would work out or not. She knew how well Brian would respond, in the past, to her sexual advancement and seduction as it worked like a charm every time. But what would happen now since Brian had no feelings for her? He even felt upset around her. Would he indeed feel sexually aroused after taking the philter soup?

The quack said the philter had a great effect to waken a man's sexual thirst. But some men of strong determination, were hard to be reigned in by the medicine. And men and women were different in appeasing their sexual needs. A woman might need a man to quench her physical thirst, but a man can solve his problem without a woman's assistance.

Molly flushed as soon as this thought came into her mind.

"Brian was an incredibly determined and focused man. Is the dose enough for the philter to take effect?" Molly spoke to herself in a low voice. She pondered for a while before pulling out a tiny bottle, ready to add more medicine into the soup to bypass any risk. All of a sudden, her cell phone rang. She was so surprised by the alert that in a reflex movement her hand shook the entire bottle of powder into the soup.

The powder soon mixed with the boiling soup. Molly looked at it with widened eyes with astonishment. Soon she winked her eyes to ease the strain her eyes felt and murmured, "Is that too much?"

Meanwhile, the phone kept ringing. Molly took out the phone and saw it was a call from Mark. "What's up, Mark?"

"Mom, how's your plan going on?" Mark asked in a childish tone, though fully aware that there might be a great possibility that his mother and Papa Brian had not met yet.

Molly cast a look on the soup and replied, "I'm currently making some preparations in the last moment. I will succeed this time, so to ensure that I must get something done beforehand and be prepared."

Mark's lips curled into an optimistic smile, "You have even made plans for today's action?"

"Yes, that is necessary to succeed." Molly made up her mind and put a lid on the pot. She asked in a soft tone, "What you will have for dinner, with Vincent?"

The car parked in front of a resta

sauce on it. The nice smell brought a confident smile to her face. Then she let Lisa take the noodle out.

Lisa felt nervous while serving the noodle. She put the noodle by Brian's side and cast a secret look at his bowl. Just a small quantity of the soup was left in the bowl. "Mr. Brian Long, the noodle is served. Please take it. I'll wait outside if there is nothing else you want me to do. I'll clean it up after you finish eating." Lisa said in a fluster.

"Lisa!" Brian stopped her as soon as she turned to leave.

"Uh huh?" Lisa's heart missed a beat as she frowned and asked, "Yes, is there anything else, Mr. Brian Long?"

"Uncle Dean's 90-year-old birthday is coming soon. John and you must attend the birthday party on my behalf." Brian said abruptly while staring at the noodle placed in front of him, "Tell John to fetch my birthday gift for Uncle Dean from Tony. You should take my gift when you go for the celebration."

Lisa felt relieved. She nodded and said "Yes" before she left.

Brian still settled his eyes on the noodle in front of him. The hot steam spread across the room, alerting everyone of its delicious flavor. But he did not intend to try it. At last, he stood up from his seat and moved towards the mini bar counter. The noodle was still hot with a trace of steam. Brian placed his hand in his trouser pockets and held a goblet in the other. A sweet fragrance from the scarlet red liquid filled the air.

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