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   Chapter 755 Allure You Again (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7063

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Time has a powerful and magical property. It can heal any wound no matter how deep and fade bad memories which at one point shattered our world. But it at the same time can also strengthen our memories about things we don't want to forget, even in a peaceful manner. With the aid of unsurpassed time, we can lock away those dreaded memories in the most sensitive valve of our heart.

There is always something we choose not to forget.

The three of them stood outside Emp's parking lot, remaining still and almost numb at the same spot for quite a while. It was not long before a trace of suspicion appeared on Brian's melancholic eyes despite his attempt to maintain his usual cold and aloof nature.

Mark raised his head to look at Brian and had retained that posture for a long moment. His eyes glimmered like a deep peaceful lake reflecting the bright sunshine. The look was so pure and naive that any one could see their reflection in his pupils just like one could see beautiful pebbles at the lake's bottom through the crystal-clear water. The strange atmosphere among the trio clearly caught the boy's attention. So he titled his head to one side in a rather cute manner and asked sincerely, "Is there anything wrong, uncle?"

'Nothing..." Brian replied with a frown and continued, "It's fortunate that you didn't get hurt."

Mark flashed a relieved and grateful smile upon hearing Brian. He looked extremely cute as his dimples deepened on his bright smiling face. In his childish tone he said, "I am just fine. This uncle..." Mark went on as he cast a look at Tony, "stopped the car tight in time before it could even touch me. It didn't hurt though I tripped backwards as I tried to avoid it."

"Well, wouldn't that be nice." Brian murmured as he took a name card out from his pocket. He handed it to Mark, trying to maintain his usual composure as much as he could. His heart was overwhelmed and burdened with an array of conflicted feelings yet his tone remained calm when he spoke to Mark. "Call this number if you feel physically uncomfortable or if anything is wrong."

Mark grabbed the ca

atched Brian drive off. He took out the name card and looked at it lovingly for a while before he called up Vincent and told him where he was.

Vincent picked up Mark and drove him to dinner. All along the drive, the young boy seemed upset and bothered by something.

"Why were you there?" Vincent asked with an obvious sense of doubt. Somehow, he was suspicious about Mark's motive to be there at that point in time. Mark stayed there for so long that he started to get worried. So he turned on the tracker and got the coordinates for Mark's location. Since the boy stayed around the parking lot the whole time, he eventually calmed down a little. Then soon after he got the call from Mark after he saw Mr. Brian Long's car leave.

"Nothing," replied Mark while pouting. "I just wanted to have a look at Papa Brian"

Vincent felt sorry upon hearing Mark's reasoning. He came to Molly and Mark with a purpose. After experiencing so many changes together, his attitude toward Molly and Mark had changed. Now everyone was trying their level best to help Mr. Brian Long regain his former life.

"I wonder what's going on with mom." Mark murmured in a reflective tone as he produced his phone and rang up Molly.

Molly was cooking the soup in the kitchen which was poisoned with the philter. It kept whirling as it reached the boil and arose a hot smoke from it. She felt both scared and exhilarated.

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