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   Chapter 754 Plan B (Part Three)

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Taking a look at Brian, who hadn't finished the video conference yet, Tony lowered his voice, "I can't tell you!"

However, Molly wasn't surprised to hear such an answer at all. Thus, she continued with another question, "Okay then. Where is Ling?"

Tony lost his tongue all of a sudden. But soon he said, "Sorry, I have no rights to get involved in Mr. Brian Long's affairs. Miss Xia, you should understand that the reason why I picked your call up and I am still talking with you now is because Mr. Brian Long loved you before and also because of my little master."

"Do you really think that I have no position in Brian's heart now?" Molly asked while picking up a can from the grocery shelf. She took a look at it and then put it into the shopping trolley. Then she walked forward with the shopping trolley and continued, "Tony, I have only one question to ask you now!"

"What?" Tony asked reflectively.

"Do you want Brian to be together with me?"

Molly spoke bluntly. Hearing her outspoken question, Tony was not able to answer immediately. He shot a gaze at Brian who was still working attentively through the glass. Everything that had happened between Brian and Molly flashed in Tony's mind. Finally, he could say nothing but keep silent.

"Silence means yes. Doesn't it?" Molly stopped walking. Then she added, "I don't want to cause you any trouble but I want you to give me a hand."

She didn't wait for his answer anymore and hung the phone up. She then continued to look for what she wanted to buy. After a short while, she heard her message alert sounded. A faint smile appeared on her lips upon opening the message box.

"Lisa misses you very much and asks you to give her a call at your convenient time. Her number: XXXXXX"

Her smile reached her eyes in an instant. While dialing the number, she went on shuttling back and forth in the supermarket.


Vincent drove the "pocket-size" car. It was what Molly had bought with the leftover money she received after buying the apartment. The reason why Vincent described the car as pocket-size was because it was made for ladies, which didn't match

hen she saw Molly. She kept grinning from ear to ear.

"Lisa," Molly shook her head, "regardless of what kind of relationship we have now, All I want is to cook a meal for him. A meal cooked by myself, even though he won't know it is cooked by me."

Lisa scrunched her nose upon hearing that. Looking at Molly with pity, she said, "Okay. I won't help you. Please do it all by yourself."

"Lisa," Molly said, "don't tell him that I cooked this once he comes back. Otherwise, he won't eat it." Her words sounded heartbroken, which easily softened Lisa's heart.

With red eyes, Lisa nodded and exited the villa with an emotion of sadness and sympathy.

Putting her sadness aside, Molly cooked the meal quickly. She looked at the boiling soup that Brian preferred and then looked around the kitchen to check if someone was around. She took a small bottle out of her pocket and poured some powder from the bottle into the soup. Seeing the powder dissolved instantly, she thought for a short while and poured some more.

"Brian, although Victor only taught me crooked ways, he is right by saying one point..." she mumbled. A satisfied smile cracked Molly's beautiful lips. She knew she had to have the initiative. She had to jump even if there was a pit of hell waiting for her. Who knew? There could be something that she wanted in that pit. She wouldn't give up even if the chance was only one in a million.


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