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   Chapter 753 Plan B (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7341

Updated: 2019-05-31 00:50

Getting injured and wounded had become a routine in her life for the past two years. Her intense training exposed her to getting injured and wounded almost all the time. She was afraid of feeling pain but she was no longer dodging it.

'Brian, I can do whatever you did to me to you too! I would like you to know that I, Molly Xia, am not a sheep!' she thought.

Molly tried to ignore the pain by thinking of Brian. She had been reminding herself of all the things Brian had done to her before. She had used to be afraid of not enduring all the pains. However, she was persistent enough and she desired to get him again.

Tears spilled out of her eyes unconsciously. She didn't even know that she was crying until the wind blew on her face and she felt cold. It was good to shed tears. She hadn't allowed herself to be coward for even a moment in the past two years. She dared not let her tears remind her of how weak she had been before.

Looking at Molly's fading back made Brian felt like a knife was cutting through his chest. Nobody except himself knew how much he wanted to hold her into his arms and hold her firmly against his body when she turned to leave.

'Molly, I dare not put you by my side. Don't you understand?' he thought.

He closed his eyes to dismiss his sadness. A few seconds after and he opened his eyes again. The sadness in his eyes was instantly replaced by fake coldness. He then turned to the other direction and left.

Without a star, the dark sky was as black as his mood. He chose to wrap himself with darkness.

Molly didn't appear before Brian for the next three days. It seemed that what had happened that night was nothing but a dream. It was so unreal that everyone who had heard of it couldn't even believe it.

Brian was holding a video conference on the top floor of EMP. Meanwhile, Tony was standing on one corner of that same office, uninterested to listen about what the meeting was about. He was too busy staring at Brian instead. He was just like that until Brian finally turned his head and their eyes met. Tony suddenly evaded Brian's freezing gaze and looked out the window.

It was still cloudy. Actually, the clouds were too thick t

!" coughing sound came from the other end of the phone. Victor spat out the coffee he had just taken into his mouth. In a hurry, he put the cup down on the table and picked a piece of tissue up. He immediately wiped himself. "I will die because of you!" he complained while laughing and shaking his head. "But it was also possible that he was just considering that Molly is your mother."

Awkward silence crossed between the two. Mark's voice was already sulky when he talked again, "That was possible." Despite saying that, he had different thoughts in his mind.

They talked for a while and then Mark hung up the phone. When Vincent finished tidying up the apartment, Mark dragged Vincent out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, Molly had just arrived at a supermarket. She dialed a number on her cellphone while pushing a shopping trolley and selecting groceries. She got the number she was calling from Vincent.

"Tony, where is Brian living now?" She instantly asked as soon as someone picked the phone up. The old villa had been disposed and Brian had been living in Smile Hotel before she had left. However, she knew clearly that he didn't like living in a hotel. Therefore, he must have bought another villa later.

Tony was speechless because of astonishment. He hadn't expected that it was Molly who called him. It was only XK Intelligence Agency that knew his number, thus, he was pretty sure that it was Vincent who spilled his contact information.

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