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   Chapter 752 Plan B (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7004

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When you really love a person, the person you love will discover some traces of your feelings regardless of how hard you conceal it. That is not because you don't hide your emotions well but because you tend to treat the person you love carefully when you love them seriously.


Grasping Molly's arm with his hand, Brian walked out without saying a word. Everybody was left looking at their backs in astonishment as butterflies filled their stomachs.

Tony didn't catch up with Brian. However, a meaningful smile gradually appeared at the corners of his mouth while looking at Molly's back. He might not have an idea of what had happened to her in the past two years, but he learned from both her gambling skills and her marksmanship that she had changed. She was no longer the woman she had been.

It seemed that her desire to match Brian in every aspect was taking over her. She obviously wanted to be beside him with her persistence to win his love. He had already seen such kind of persistence before in Brian.

Thus, he thought, 'Molly, if you really love Mr. Brian Long, please continue and never give up! No matter what Mr. Brian Long does to you or how cold and repulsive he is towards you, please hold on! Since Mr. Brian Long did so much for you, I believe that you can bear all this.'

"Integrate and convert Miss Xia's chips into a check and then send the check to her," ordered Tony.

With a slight frown, the manager asked, "Where to?"

Tony thought for a while and then said, "Send it to Smile Hotel. In case she didn't check in with her own name, give the check to someone named Vincent."

"Okay. I'm telling somebody to do that," the manager answered. Then he called one of his subordinates to convert the chips won by Molly this evening.

Such a trivial and ordinary episode in a casino couldn't draw much attention for a long time. Thus, all the gamblers went back to their own gambling games after Brian pulled Molly away.

Brian didn't let go of his grip on Molly until they walked out of the casino. His face was cold when he suddenly shook her hand off

Goodness! Her ankle was sprained.

A tinge of pity flashed across Brian's eyes but he didn't allow it to linger. He quickly concealed it and said, "I'm not going to make a fuss with you today just because of what happened in the past." He paused for a while before shouting, "Molly Xia, I don't want to see you again!"

Despite the stabbing pain from her ankle, Molly gritted her teeth and stood straight. Looking at Brian stubbornly, she declared, "I will go back to you, Brian. I must go back to your side. I'm going back to be by your side by all means!" It was not until then that she became emotional. Staring at Brian with a pair of slightly red eyes, she added, "I'm sure to go back to you. Nobody can prevent me from doing that. Not even you. I will not stop going back to you unless..." She gritted her teeth, "I die!"

With her eyes wide open, she gazed at Brian for a while. Then she turned around and left. Her ankle was extremely hurting with every step she took. Nevertheless, she didn't stop but keep walking forward with gritted teeth.

Two long years might have passed her by, however, there were still some parts of her that remained as her regardless of how much she had changed.

She still loved Brian. After all that was said and done, she was still longing for the safety and warmth that only he could give her. It was just that she was not that coward any longer.

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