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   Chapter 751 Something Engraved On My Heart Never Changed (Part Four)

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Then, something clicked in her mind. She suddenly got up and said to her son, "No, I cannot let him go like this." Mark just stared at her in his seat. After a few moments, she continued, "Mark, you stay together with Vincent. I have to go to the casino again."

Her son just looked at her pointedly.

"But you just lost," Mark tried to reason with her with his lips pressed into a thin line. Mum coming back means her first shot has failed, ' he thought to himself.

His mother looked at him and said, "Yes, I have lost to Brian in the casino. But I did not in other ways."Then, she announced in a resolute voice, "We will buy a house tomorrow. A super apartment in Kylin Street." Mark and Vincent just gawked at her.

After her lofty speeches, Molly turned around and left once again.

As he watched his mother's receding figure, Mark only shook his head and turned to Vincent. He said, "Mum's plan will not work as Papa Brian is never moved by this.

From my point of view, Mum should make a strategic plan, aiming to be accepted by Papa Brian!" He stated in an adult-like manner.

"I cannot agree with you more," Vincent replied. The older man nodded his head as he watched Molly's back outside. He personally thought that Mark was right.

The two could only wait for what was next.

The twinkling lights and the endless drinks still made their rounds in the Grand Night Casino. People were still immersed in their scandalous world of drinking, gossiping, and wasting their money away.

Still dressed in the same elegant black frock, Molly only stuck herself in the five-card stud. She did so not because she could not win in other games, but because she was extremely depressed this time.

That was because she had won more than five million in the gambling tables of the Hall. However, no one seemed to pay

r as he quickly walked towards Molly, who was still shouting at the staff. The lobby's manager was also there to deal with what was happening.

"If Brian set the rules that no big bet was made in the lobby, I would go."

The irritated voice of Molly spoke to the manager of the lobby, her arms folded in front of her breasts.

The manager could only frown at Molly and inwardly grit his teeth. He thought, 'If anyone else acted like this, I would have already asked the security to drive her out. But it is just Molly, the former Mrs. Molly Long!

Even though she is not Mrs. Molly Long now, but who knows what is in Brian's mind?'

Molly's voice broke him from his train of thought. "Do you understand what I have said?" she exclaimed.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Molly suddenly screamed as a pair of hands grasped both of her arms without warning. She was pulled away from the lobby and dragged towards the door before she could even stand up by herself.

Before she could continue her screaming protests, she stopped when she saw that the person who was dragging her was none other than Brian. Her face lit up and a smile graced her beautiful face that wore only a minimal amount of makeup.

What was he going to do?

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