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   Chapter 749 Something Engraved On My Heart Never Changed (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6982

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About a minute later, Molly abruptly stopped and put the cup down on the table. Her eyes bore through Brian's own provocatively, and she said in a low voice, "Your turn, Brian."

Said man picked his cup up without a fuss and started to roll the object. The sound of the shaking dice combined with his icy cold eyes made Molly's heart flutter in her rib cage, until he stopped and put the dice cup back on the table.

Her penetrating gaze was solely focused on Brian. She crossed her legs and inwardly laughed in her mind as the rules of the gambling house went something like this: if the points of the banker and the player are the same, the banker loses! This gambling game seemed fair enough, but she actually had all the advantages!

On her side, Molly's slim fingers slowly took the cup before her and looked at its contents. Six dice were neatly formed into a vertical line, and only the one on top had one red dot.

The jet black eyes of Brian Long glimpsed at her and his cold voice conveyed no emotions as he said, "You lose." A puzzled look made its way to Molly's hidden face. Brian lifted the cup before him, and what was inside? Some white fragments of the dice!

Molly's eyes widened to the size of saucers in shock. She stared at the broken dice for a while, and then looked up at Brian, who wore a smug smirk on his face.

"You got one point and I got zero, so you lost," Brian simply said. He shrugged but there was a hint of pressure in his tone.

Molly's cheeks burned a scarlet color as she gradually became filled with rage. She could only grit her teeth in silence. After all, she never expected that Brian could roll the dice into fragments in such a short time. She found it rather impressive!

She pursed her lips and swallowed quietly, as if the action could stuff all her anger inside her stomach. She crossed her legs in another position and tried her best not to curse the hell out of Brian.

Brian's arm shot up in the air and his fingers snapped. A few waiters came and his cold voice said, "Clean the table!"

After a moment, the waiters had

in the deepest recesses of her mind, then in a one hundred eighty degree flip, suddenly looked at Brian charmingly like the coquette she previously was. She said, "Only you can see my face. No one else.

Others here in the game are not included."

Brian inhaled another puff of smoke before looking at Shane, then he gestured for Shane and the other people to leave the area. Before he closed the door, Shane's eyes gazed at Molly for a while and he thought, 'Is Brain interested in this lady again?'

As soon as the door clicked shut, Shane's legs ran fast to the elevator. He pressed the number of the top floor frantically. When he arrived, he rushed to the monitor room. The woman in their table piqued his interest not because of her outstanding cheating skills, but for the fact that she had actually caught Brian's attention! Usually, if a person was found to cheat before Brian, their hand would've been cut off already even if Brian couldn't find any evidence!

His boss, Brian Long was not the type of person to have a soft heart towards a woman ever.

Back in the playing room, Molly's fingers clasped the velvety fabric of her purse. Brian's steely eyes squinted at her actions. Suddenly, Molly withdrew a gun from it and fired at the six corners of the room before anyone had a chance to react. The sound of broken glass shattered on the floor rang throughout the area.

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