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   Chapter 748 Something Engraved On My Heart Never Changed (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6959

Updated: 2019-05-30 11:41

All the memories about you had been engraved on my soul, and they would never change.

It was the clearest impression on my mind and that would be kept forever--because it was you, only you, and no one else could ever repeat that!

The people were playing on the table except that the lady wore unreadable expressions on their faces. The night was young and chilly, and the casino was filled as usual. It was a fine night to play. Molly hesitated a bit on her seat upon remembering that particular time.

Her gaze darted to Brian who sat across her, with her eyes full of charm and innocence. The dress she wore also reflected those traits perfectly. Brian was almost tempted to kiss her under the casino's bright lights because of the deadly combination of sultry and innocence that was on Molly Xia's face.

Her voice penetrated his thoughts. "Since you have chosen the dealer," the words slowly rolled off her tongue as she boldly looked at him.

"Does that mean that I can decide how to bet?" Molly said then she deliberately paused. Her eyes were now filled with a slight mirth.

Brian cast a deep but serene look towards her. "Yes," he replied calmly.

At this, Molly's lips broke into a slight smile. The light reflected on her glossy, honey glazed mouth made her lips look fuller and plumper. Her voice came out lazy and casual as she said, "I've heard a lot of legends about your gambling skills. You once played a roulette game with Hanson, the most outstanding pupil of the God of Gamblers. Many people saw your stunts that time."

Molly's face suddenly lit up and she paused in the middle of her sentence. Her eyes scanned the people on their table as she said, "I will never choose your strengths."

One of the best dealers in the world, Shane, frowned slightly at this and thought to himself, 'There are fixed rules in the gambling field. I never met a lady like this one.

Where is she from? If we weren't in a high-level casino and if she wasn't a lady, I would've asked security to drive her out, ' he mused.

Shane and the rest of them turned to

in delight.

"Yes, it is," Brian replied in a curt voice.

On his side, he chose not to show his card as he knew it was another ten of spades. To a seasoned gambler like him, she appeared to have shown her first card on purpose. However, even if Brian knew that she was cheating, he couldn't call her out since he couldn't prove it!

Then again, if Brian had shown his own card at that moment, there would appear to be two cards of the ten of spades. Did the Casino seem to have the problem then?

His thin lips then upturned into a cold smile. Brian looked around and raised his hand to call a waiter. One of them approached their table and Brian gestured to him to take all the cards away. When that was done, two dice cups were placed before each of them, with each cup containing six dice.

His deep voice spoke, "Shall we bet on who is going to get a higher dice, or a lower one?" Brian Long asked as his eyes scanned his table mate.

Molly's eyes gazed at Brian, who remained as calm as ever, a blank expression plastered on his face like usual. "The lower one wins," she said in a low voice.

In turn, Brian squinted and coldly replied, "You are the player and I am the banker, so you come first."

The lady did not refuse his offer, and poured all her dice into the cup. Molly's wrists shook the cup and the rolling dice made a satisfying rattling sound inside.

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