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   Chapter 747 Could She Win (Part Four)

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The man creased his eyebrows. He looked at his hole card again, thinking that Molly must be bluffing. The woman did not even look at her hole card, he thought. Clenching his teeth, he tossed three transparent rectangular chips which were valued at ten thousand each. "I call. Show your card." Then he turned his downward face card up and said, "I'm a full house. I doubt you're that lucky to have four of a kind."

The onlookers were excited by this. Molly smiled. She put her fingers on her card and turned it slowly. Under everyone's nose, under the monitor, what was initially a five turned into a Q.

"She really has four of a kind!" someone cried in joy. Everyone was amazed by the turn of events. Some people envied her good fortune, though, some were quick to be suspicious that she might have cheated. Nevertheless, everyone knew that cheating was forbidden in Grand Night Casino. If card sharps were caught, they would lose their hands for it before they could walk out of the casino.

The man cursed over his bad luck, and participated in the next round.

Time ticked by, and Molly won most of the rounds. Chips in front of her were starting to pile up. But she had begun to get the attention of more people behind the surveillance cameras.

Shane and Jason were watching the monitor in the supervision room. "Aim all the surveillance equipment at her," Jason demanded, "and I want all the data analysis, now!"

As Jason commanded, the staff adjusted the angle of the surveillance cameras. The woman was under watch omnidirectionally. Every move she made was being watched through the monitor.

A new round began. It was at this moment when the five card stud table was not only a game that the gamblers took interest in, but also one that had drawn the staff's full attention. The game went on fiercely. Molly won, yet again.

"What does the analysis say?" Jason asked. He drummed his fingers impatiently.

One of his men finally provided an answer, "That she's not cheating."

Jason frowned incredulously. He walked to the monitor, and replayed the surveillance footage. Nothing was found suspicious.

"She reminds me of someone," Shane declared. "Chester!" he added, as Jason turned his head to him in wonder.


That can't be." Jason was astonished. "Didn't he retire?"

"Just because he's retired, doesn't mean he didn't have a few disciples," Shane replied, his facial expression changing. "She got me hooked. Open the VIP room. I want to meet her," he said, before turning around and made his way towards the door.


Sitting on one side of the table with an indifferent disposition, Molly took a small sip of the sparkling wine. She let the drink linger in her mouth, before swallowing it, satisfied with the splendid flavor. "I hear that the people who win against you can meet Mr. Brian Long. Is it true?" she asked.

"Yes," Shane responded with a thin smile. "Is that what you want?" he asked, tilting his head at her. "A meeting with Mr. Brian Long?"

"Of course," Molly replied with a nod, her voice soft as a spring breeze. "Did you expect that I came

that interests me," Brian said.

"But I don't have any," Molly responded.

Upon hearing her reply, Shane was astounded to a point where he almost suffocated on his own saliva. He looked at Molly incredulously, impressed by her boldness.

"Then how do you expect to gamble against me?"

Brian asked nonchalantly. Bringing out a cigarette, he lit it up, and took a deep drag before blowing it in front of him. The air between them seemed foggy due to the smoke.

"You're rich enough. Money doesn't interest you,"

Molly began, lowering her eyes pensively for a few seconds. Then she continued, "How about this? If I win, you sleep with me for one night.

And if I lose, I sleep with you for one night."

Unfortunately for Shane, he could not stop himself from choking after hearing her. Coughing violently, he wondered what the woman was thinking. Obviously, her proposition made no difference whether she won or lost. Both stakes were the same, according to what she said. Brian squinted, staring at Molly sharply. After a long moment, he finally spoke up. "Take off your mask," he demanded.

In the background, Shane wore an unreadable expression. He was right earlier. The woman's identity had caught Brian's attention.

"Eh? Is that what you want?" Molly wondered out loud.

"I have an idea then. If you win, I take off my mask.

If you lose, you sleep with me for one night, and do as I say. How does that sound?" Molly asked, smiling under her mask.

Brian's eyes dimmed for a bit. "Deal!" he replied simply.

At a loss for words, Shane stood there while looking at Brian, his mouth agape. Did he really just agree to such a simple, if not disconcerting, bet?

"Shane, you're the dealer," Brian said, his voice as flat as the streets outside.

That was when Molly first began to worry. Shane was the best dealer in the world, which she found out after she started taking gambling lessons from Chester.

Now that Brian had asked him to be the dealer, could she possibly still win? Molly wasn't sure, but there was only one way to find out.

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