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   Chapter 746 Could She Win (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8175

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"Master," said Molly, "just imagine how humiliating it will be if you lose." Then a cunning smile appeared on her face, taunting her master.

"It's one thing to be confident," said Chester, unaffected. "But conceit is a different matter."

Her smile widened. "We'll see."

While unmoving, Chester said in a nonchalant voice, "Whether you go back for him or not today, it depends on your performance in this game. There won't be another round."

"Master, I can't wait any longer." The smile that had been on her face earlier had disappeared, replaced by a serious look. "It's been two years. Many things can happen during that span of time. It would be impractical to take longer than that."

The air grew intense in the room. A lot of big decisions were going to be made in the next few minutes.

Meanwhile, Vincent leaned against the wall outside, his arms crossed over his chest while he fixed his eyes on the closed door. Despite being still, the look on his face revealed that he was just as anxious as Molly. Although his opinion of her had changed, going back to XK Intelligence Agency was his sole goal, and it all depended on what was happening in the other room.

Mark, who was playing a game on the iPad while seated on the sofa, noticed the man's demeanor. Without looking up from the new game that Ling had recommended recently, a game that she said was more difficult than all the games he had played so far, he said, "Vincent, don't worry. Mommy is going to win."

Frowning, Vincent looked at the child. "Chester was the best card sharp while your mom had only been learning the art of cheating for half a year." True as that might be, the child did not show any sign of worry.

"You're right," said Mark, still playing the game. "So normally, she would lose against a great opponent. But today is special. She will win. What Uncle Chester wants is for Mommy to go back and trouble Papa Brian. He isn't really cultivating a great card sharp." Then he paused, his fingers swiftly running over the screen. "Oh, no," he said distractedly. "I win again. I was expecting this one to be interesting." Shaking his head in disappointment, he then looked at Vincent for the first time and said, "Vincent, let's go pack and book the earliest air ticket to A City." With that, he stood up and left the room.

For a moment, the young boy reminded Vincent of Brian as a kid when he had just been brought to XK Intelligence Agen

ower made of spun silk and feathers covered her true identity. Wearing a red tight strapless dress, with a white mink wrap on, she was dressed to be noticed despite the whole covertness.

Ever since she sat down, she had been the center of attention at the casino. The busy five card stud table was already overcrowded.

"One hundred."

She tossed a green round chip. Her shiny lips were slightly open, tempting those that dared to look.

After the rest of the people at the table called, the dealer then dealt the next card for each player. Molly got a pair of Qs, which was the highest value at the table. "Wow, a pair," she exclaimed.

"In this case, one thousand for good luck." Then she tossed a yellow round chip on the table.

Two of the players dropped out of the game. Then the dealer continued to deal the cards. This time, Molly got a five, while someone at the table got a pair of aces. When the person with aces bet, Molly called. Two more players decided to quit the game, leaving only seven players at the table. The bet had been raised to ten thousand.

As the game progressed, more cards were dealt out. The players turned over their face-down cards. The person with the aces earlier, had two pairs now. Meanwhile, Molly got three Qs, and more people had folded. Now it was only Molly, and the person with the pairs.

The man glanced at his hole card. An ace. He looked at Molly's three Qs, and thought it was a small chance for her to have four Qs.

"Twenty thousand!" he said.

At this point, Molly did not look at her hole card. "I call. And I raise your twenty thousand to fifty thousand."

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