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   Chapter 745 Could She Win (Part Two)

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Molly rolled her eyes at her son and her mouth twitched. "Don't let Golden Flower No. 5 hear this. She'll be furious," Molly reminded him.

While wearing a grin, Mark lifted his head and looked at her. His two dimples looked adorable. "Mommy, I already made fun of her about it just now. She left in a rage," he said casually.

"What?" Molly's mouth hung open, speechless at what her son did.

Grinning, Mark changed the topic and asked, "Mommy, what did Uncle Chester say?"

"I did exactly what you said, and I made it happen." Then she smiled down at him. "He agreed to teach me. I have half a year to learn."

The young boy nodded, contemplating. "Mommy," he suddenly said, "when you go back for Papa Brian, will you be able to win all his money?"

"No, I won't," admitted Molly, sipping some orange juice.

"It will be impossible to wipe all his money out at once. Apart from all of his casinos, he also has a stock exchange company."

"Mommy, how about I take finance lessons from Prince Victor?"

Mark asked, his eyes glistening with interest. "You can win Papa Brian's casinos, while I win his stock exchange company. We can work together and win all of Papa Brian's money."

"No." She shook her head. "Even after we do that, he still has XK Intelligence Agency." Sighing, she added, "He might even ask his mercenaries to hunt us down,"

"Oh. I was too happy to remember that." He frowned, curling his lip while deep in thought. He looked at his mother and said seriously, "Mommy, I have to remind you something,"

"What is it?" Molly asked, intrigued by her son's serious expression.

"Papa Brian will only hunt you down.

Although he might not remember us, I am still his son. He will treat me differently," he said with a smirk.

While hearing Mark's words, Molly happened to be drinking juice. Sufficed to say, the cheekiness of her son made her choke on her drink. As Mark patted her back, she glowered at him with a slight pout.

"Mommy, just accept the reality," said Mark casually. "You have to work hard. I got your back. You go, Mommy!"

"Victor!" Molly yelled, gritting her teeth.

The look in her eyes was horrifying. Yet it did not appear to daunt the prince one bit as he approached the infuriated woman and her son.

"Miss me much?" jested the prince. Dressed in a white suit with white shoes, Victor stood there gracefully while looking at them. He waited patiently for her to talk.

Standing up swiftly, she glared at him, "What did you say to my son?"

Prince Victor merely smiled. "Not much. I prefer to

ngle bite into the fruit tasted sour, yet he did not mind, for wild fruits had once been the only source of nourishment that they survived on when they were starving during the harsh training in Hell Forest. "This might be the best for both her and me," he said.

His companion, however, was not convinced by him.

"If only that were true,"

Shawn drawled, as if he sought for a good show.

Annoyed, Brian looked at him with sharp eyes, but Shawn was already laughing wildly. Brian threw the fruit away and left without another word.

As he watched Brian's retreating figure, Shawn tsk-tsked at the man's short temper.

"My, how powerful this thing we call Love can be," he said out loud to himself.

"It can make even the strongest man turn to jelly within a snap of a finger."

"Oh, really?" an alluding voice said.

Slowly turning around, Shawn dreaded finding Yuri standing behind him. His eyes widened in recognition, and the next moment, he was running after Brian without hesitation. Arms folded as if she were hugging herself, Yuri stood there alone for a bit, fostering such complicated emotions in her eyes.


In a dim room, the only piece of furniture it had was a table with green flannel atop it, and two chairs on opposite sides.

The light that hung over the table swayed ever so slightly on the smallest gust of wind, adding to the grave atmosphere of the room.

With Chester and Molly sitting on opposite sides, they stared at each other. Motionless.

The wind swirled among the trees outside, whistling and shaking leaves off the trees. Inside the room, however, it was truly a moment of silence, and for Molly, a defining and culminating moment of all her efforts.

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