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   Chapter 744 Could She Win (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8537

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'What I have to become is a strong woman. Both physically and mentally, I need to be formidable enough to shut out anything that dare to disturb my inner peace. Only in this way will I have more space in my heart to think about you, '

Molly thought to herself firmly, waiting for her master to speak. The man turned around slowly, sunlight cascading over his back. With only half of his face being exposed, while the rest was concealed in a shadow, his appearance exuded a daunting and somber vibe.

Unable to help herself, Molly arched her eyebrow. After many significant years, she had become more mature and prudent than she had ever been, and yet, the look in her eyes remained as innocent and pure as it always was. Despite everything that had happened, she persisted wearing her heart on her sleeves: a look of yearning, of utter belief in true love. "I must stand up from where I fell," she replied.

A sincere hint of joy was visible in her tone as she thought of going back to Brian. The one and half a year of high-intensity training intensified her longing, and motivated her to look forward to every single day that brought her closer to her goal. Ever since she arrived at the old castle, she had nothing but low expectations, and prepared for the worst case scenario to happen. But now that the rigorous training was over, the following days appeared to be hopeful and pleasantly surprising.

"That hotel?" the man asked. Confused by his question, Molly didn't know how to respond.

Her mouth hung slightly open, trying to ascertain her master's inquiry. However, his facial expression was hard to capture in the sunlight.

"At Brian's hotel again?" the man continued, when he didn't hear from her.

To which, Molly's eyes widened in surprise.

"Should we make it look like another accident?"

Molly frowned at his words. "Master, what on earth are you talking about?" she voiced her bewilderment.

As if her confusion satisfied her, the man cracked into a smile. He approached her and stood close enough for the woman to see his face more clearly. Up close, Molly could spot hesitance in his expression. "I remember you telling me that you met Brian somewhere outside of Grand Night Casino. Am I correct?"

The pensive woman nodded, saying slowly, "I had never really thought about our first meeting before I came here. When I got here, it was our past that kept me going. Day after day, I recalled every detail between us." She paused for a bit, her eyes squinting at the thought. "Then the training didn't seem so hard a


Then, turning to look at Molly, he said, "In all honesty, you're a little dumb. It usually takes three months to learn all the cheating, but I have the impression that it will take you half a year." Shaking his head, he added with a dejected sigh, "What exactly does Brian see in you?"

To which, Molly's ears turned crimson. "Master, you shouldn't be humiliating your disciple like this."

Amused, Chester glanced at her and said, "You can take a break today. Your closed training starts tomorrow."

Suppressing the urge to jump in joy, Molly gave a controlled smile. "Yes, master." With that, she took her leave without another word.

As she walked away, Chester's eyes followed her retreating figure, the glint in his eyes growing more intense. For the past year and a half, apart from the regular high-intensity training, Molly spent several hours practicing how to gamble while others slept like a log. Chester was amazed by her endurance, and untapped potential. Although she might not be smart enough, she was resolute, hard-working, and stubborn. The woman did not know how to give up even if she tried.

After getting what she wanted from Chester, Molly went to find her son with uplifted spirits. When she found Mark playing with an iPad, she squatted beside him and asked, "I see you're playing a new game again. What's wrong with the last one?"

"It was too easy. Found it boring." Mark answered, without raising his head from the screen. As his fingers moved swiftly on the screen, it didn't take him long before he won the round. "I win again. It's not challenging at all. They're all boring. I don't feel like a winner," Mark complained, putting down the gadget.

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