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   Chapter 743 Molly's Rebirth (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-05-29 14:27

"I agree too..." Vincent said with a bitter smile while accepting his fate. In order to untie a bell, the person who had tied it was required. Since what Molly had done resulted in a chain reaction later, he had to solve the problem with her assistance.

Standing up, Vincent raised his head to look to the top floor of Grand Night Casino. Although he couldn't see anything, he fixed his eyes on it for one minute. Then he lowered his head to look at Harrow and Tony. "I will come back. I must come back!" he said. After saying that, he turned around and left resolutely.

"Harrow," Tony said as he looked at Vincent, who was disappearing in his sight. "If Vincent isn't able to return, I'm afraid he will kill you and me."

Harrow wore a smile on his face. "In the worst case, I can go back home to help my father deal with business, while you..." he paused, shaking his head regretfully before he continued, "you can do nothing but receive his revenge. Aha..."

Harrow left too, while laughing. As he rolled his eyes, Tony cursed Harrow silently, turned around and entered Grand Night Casino.

At the top floor of Grand Night Casino... With a cigarette between his fingers, Brian stared at Vincent's receding figure with an elusive expression on his face.


Time flew fast, over a year had passed and a new summer was here.

Looking at the blooming roses all over the hill, Molly's mind drifted to a distant place. She was dressed in her training clothes.


a clear voice came from a distance. Molly turned her head, seeing two figures, one big and one small, running towards her. She squatted to pick up Mark into her warm arms. Mark had grown much taller in this past year. Thanks to Victor taking good care of him, his heart had integrated well with his body.

"Miss Molly," Vincent greeted her with a slight bow very respectfully.

Molly nodded at him with a sincere and grateful smile. Over six months ago, Victor had sent this man to her side, saying that he would follow her and be her attendant from then forward. She hadn't asked why but now she was not a coward as she had been. In fact now she was more open to change and accepting things bravely with a reinforced positivity.

"Mark, why did you come here?" Molly asked him upfront.

"I came to watch mommy's examination..." Mark raised his eyebrows and pointed to the people in front who were preparing the exercise fiel

to Molly, whose face was covered with both sweat and tears.

Among them, the most moved and happy one was Ling. While the other four Golden Flowers only knew Molly's past, Ling had witnessed her drastic change from being a coward to being so fiercely strong now. If the same thing happened to her, she didn't think she would be as strong as Molly.

"Molly, such a strong and dedicated woman as you deserves Brian Long!" Ling said. She was too moved to remember changing her voice.

Hearing her voice, Molly looked at Ling in confusion. Fortunately, Golden Flower No. 1 was quick-minded enough to change the topic quickly, leaving no time for Molly to dwell on the thought.

With Mark in her arms, Molly went back to the guest room. She took a bath and changed her clothes before leaving the room. She told Vincent to take Mark to play somewhere, she went to a detached villa behind the old castle.

Standing in front of the closed door, she smiled faintly, opened the door and entered the villa.

The sun shone on the man standing in front of the French window, plating a layer of golden light around him and flooding to the ground. A scene of undisturbed loneliness was created.

"Master, I've passed the appraisal..." Molly didn't feel happy until now as she said it aloud. "I've completed the training task specified by the Prince and passed the examination of the five Golden Flowers. I passed it and surpassed all set expectations exceedingly well." Bursting into joyful tears, she said, "Now it's time for me to go back to him!"

"In what way are you planning to appear in front of him?"


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