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   Chapter 742 Molly's Rebirth (Part Two)

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Harrow opened his mouth slightly and showed his teeth. Looking at Brian, who was cold and numb, he thought, 'Since he lost his memory specific of Molly, Mr. Brian Long has become more elusive. At the same time, his means of doing things have turned more brutal, as if he wants to change the softness in him when he was together with Molly into cruel action.'

"Do you have anything else to say?" Brian asked, raising his eyes slightly to look at Harrow.

Harrow tried hard to swallow his saliva and looked at Tony again. Tony curled the corner of his mouth, giving Harrow a hint towards Brian's direction, while his sight looked pressing.

Showing the whites of his eyes secretly, Harrow cursed Tony fiercely. "Well, Mr. Brian Long..." he paused just upon receiving a cold and sharp glimpse from Brian but bit his tongue and continued, "Vincent has been kneeling for two days and three nights outside... I don't think it looks good, right?"

Upon hearing Harrow's words, Brian nodded. When Harrow and Tony were about to celebrate his tolerance with their hearts still in their throats, they heard Brian coldly say, "Get rid of him!"

"Yike?" Harrow curled his lip in a smirk. "No, Mr. Brian Long..."

"He's no longer a member of XK Intelligence Agency," Brian's voice sounded peaceful yet apathetic. "I don't want to see any outsider. Tony..."

With a distressed face, Tony walked towards him and said in a soft tone, "Mr. Brian Long."

"Take him away. Don't let him be an eyesore here at Grand Night Casino!"

"Mr. Brian Long..." Tony swallowed every word that he was about to say the moment Brian passed a sudden sharp look at him. Finally, he gave in to the unreasonable request and said, "Yes!"

Tony was still looking at Brian with the dripping hope that he would change his mind, but he was disappointed. Realizing that there was no leeway, and he couldn't do anything, he silently heaved. Tony gestured Harrow with his eyes, and the two of them left.

In fact, both of them knew clearly that Brian wouldn't forgive Vincent.

If Vincent hadn't concealed what he had known from Brian at that time, Wing would not have met with that accident, and perhaps Brian and Molly would not have ended things the way they had. Of course, none of them believed that Brian had really lost his memory, even though he seemed so unfamiliar abou

this could be your only chance to come back to XK Intelligence Agency."

"How?" Tony asked burdened with confusion. Putting Brian's amnesia aside, in such a deadlock at present, since both Molly and Mark had left, he didn't think it would help if Vincent did what Harrow had just stated.

"Even if Mr. Brian Long has really lost his memory, the fact that Addison is his son would never change!" Harrow said while his sight turned solemn. "Besides, once a man loves a woman to the extent that he's willing to give up his own life, he will remember her sooner or later despite really losing his memory even now. As long as you stay by Molly's side and successfully make her determined to get back together with Mr. Brian Long, you will have the concrete chance to come back to XK Intelligence Agency!"

He chuckled and raised his eyebrows, "If Molly and Mr. Brian Long get back together, the attendant of the wife of the person in charge of XK Intelligence Agency would obviously be a member of XK Intelligence Agency!"

Hearing what Harrow had said, both Tony and Vincent were lost in thoughts as they considered his bright idea.

"I agree!" Tony broke the silence first with a positive approach. "I've never actually believed that Mr. Brian Long really lost his memory. Since he has gone through the most brutal psychological training, how could he get selective amnesia only because he can't accept certain facts? !" Looking at Vincent, he said, "Vincent, I'm afraid you have to fight the losing battle now, because you have only one chance as Harrow said!"

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