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   Chapter 741 Molly's Rebirth (Part One)

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Give time some time; let the past be past; let what to be started restart.


Across the vast lawn and hill, the faint heat released from the summer sunlight was mixed with the grass's fresh scent.

"Thud..." the loud sound of loading a pistol broke through the silence, making the atmosphere seem oppressing.

Molly took a step forward as she placed her left foot ahead. Her body leaned forward slightly and her legs too bent, indicating her idea of running. She held the pistol in her right hand, while her left hand was supporting the other wrist from weighing down. The serious concentration reflecting in her eyes as she looked ahead reflected her unfettering concentration and seriousness.

"100-meter rapid running shooting..." Golden Flower No. 1 said, raising her hand, in which she held a second chronograph. While raising her eyes gently to look at Molly, she placed her thumb on the second chronograph's button. "Hit all the targets in 35 seconds! If you miss a single one or exceed the time limit, I will have to make you undergo baptism once again."

"Yes!" Molly answered with determination. Her focused eyes emitted a sharp light, and she had maintained her serious expression.

Taking a look ahead, Golden Flower No. 1 yelled out, "Ready..." The person in charge of the mechanical target was on standby, awaiting orders. "Go!" Golden Flower No. 1 ordered alerting everyone. Within microseconds, the second chronograph began rolling.

As soon as Golden Flower No. 1's voice died down, Molly started running forward as fast as she could with the pistol in her hands.


Golden Flower No. 1 took a look at the second chronograph in her hand and then glanced at Molly, who was darting forward as she gently began to raise the pistol to shoot. Controlled electronically, the targets too popped out at random one by one.


the sounds of the bullet hitting against the target came through the air one after the other continuously. As Molly fell forward, owing to the great speed, took a roll on the ground and managed to get the last shot, Golden Flower No. 1's eyes turned dark. The moment Molly came back to her, she announced in a rather cold tone, "36 seconds!"

Without uttering a single word, Molly walked in the opposite direction, still holding the heavy pistol in her right hand.

Behind her, Golden Flower

er deep-set eyes. In a fake hoarse voice, she said, "Come on. I guess that you haven't gotten enough bullets, and you haven't taken enough long-range raids."

Hearing that, Molly's eyes turned a little dark, but she recovered instantly from the snide remark. "Well, I require more training!" she said.

With a sneer appearing at corners of her mouth, Ling said, "Trust me. I won't let you have a good time!"


In A City.

"The police just finished a 'Demining Operation' and successfully arrested Black Widow, the big drug trafficker settling in A City. In an unexpected blow, a crime scene where one hundred kilos' drugs were being dealt with was exposed. This was the largest-scale drug scam in A City in recent years. Besides the Black Widow, 259 people were arrested at the same time at the crime scene, including drug addicts," a reporter announced on the television.

Watching the flashing news being live broadcasted, Brian squinted slightly at the TV screen. He then picked up the remote control and pressed a button, the image was immediately changed into that of surveillance tapes in the casino from all angles.

"Tap..." someone knocked on the door.

"Come in," Brian said as he threw the remote control casually.

Harrow entered the room. After taking a look at Tony, who was standing at the corner, he walked towards Brian. "Mr. Brian Long," he said as he put the document from his hand in front of Brian respectfully, "this is the data for micro-control tomorrow."

Brian took a quick glance at the document and said nothing beyond a soft "hmm".

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