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   Chapter 739 Flying To London Again! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7674

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After more than twelve hours of flight, the plane finally landed in London early in the morning. Unlike the frosty world of A City due to the heavy snow, London was sunny even during the winter, the early morning sunlight casting in every corner and bringing subtle warmth during the day.

As soon as they disembarked the plane, Molly took Mark to pick up their suitcases. Seeing as it was not her first time in London, and having lived abroad for several years, she no longer felt at a lost or helpless in the airport.

"Mommy, where are we going?" asked Mark, looking up at his mom. The tired boy rubbed his eye sleepily, yawning whilst looking around in a clueless manner.

Shaking her head, Molly leaned a little and said, "After we get our luggage, Mommy will take you somewhere to have dinner. I noticed that you didn't like the food on the plane..." At which, his son nodded in understanding. Straightening up, they continued to chatter while waiting for their luggage to show up.

While both mother and son were preoccupied with finding their luggage, Ling - who was hiding behind a post, grimaced at the sight of them. 'Oh my god, ' she thought to herself. 'Molly and I must have taken the same flight.' Knitting her eyebrows, she did not dare to emerge from behind the pillar. If they ever saw her, there was a possibility that Molly might speculate about Brian's and her acting. So in an attempt to avoid being exposed, Ling had no other choice but to wait for Molly and her son to pick their luggage and leave. When she was sure that they were long gone, she rolled her eyes, and walked out from her hiding spot to get her suitcase.

The moment Molly and her son reached the exit of the airport, they were stopped by a man with blonde hair and eyes. After a quick once-over at Molly, he asked, "Hello, are you Miss Molly?"

Confused, Molly nodded and asked, "If I may ask, who are you?" The man smiled upon her confirmation.

"Hello, Miss Xia. My name is Alan," he said, his voice changing instantly. "Prince Victor sent me to pick you up."

"I'm sorry but... Prince Victor?" The woman grew more confused by the second. For one thing, she didn't know Prince Victor at all. So it came as a surprise to be picked up in the airport by a complete stranger.

"Yes," said

he threw away the bridle without a care in the world.

Only when he stood in front of her, did she see his face clearly. It was a handsome, delicate face with deeply sculpted features. Anyone who was fortunate enough to see it would be drawn to it like insects to flowers. Moreover, he had the distinct charm of someone who was mixed-blood, exuding an aggressive yet noble elegance.

Prince Victor watched the woman carefully, glancing at her from head to toe, and waved at Allen to leave them alone. "Do you mind taking a walk with me?" he asked her.

She shook her head in response, and walked alongside the man. Racking her brain discreetly, Molly failed to recall any memory of encountering the man in the past. Once she was sure that she did not know him at all, she asked, "Why are you helping me?"

Smiling at her, he answered, "I promised someone." He halted upon seeing Molly's increasingly confused face. With an elegant smile, he continued to say, "I owe Brian a favor. It hadn't been easy to pay him back. But now, the opportunity to help you presented itself. So I have to make sure to grab it, or else, he'll demand for more from me one day." His elegant voice sounded like an alluring melody produced with a piano instrument.

She looked at him meticulously. Despite the lavish outfit, the man did not appear to be a prince of the British royal family to her.

"He's suffering from amnesia," Molly said seriously. "Even if you can help me, you won't be returning his favor at all. He remembers nothing."

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