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   Chapter 736 Farewell (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-05-28 00:40

"We have to get up early tomorrow to get to the airport," Molly said while covering Mark with a quilt. "You should sleep quickly, okay?"

"Mommy, aren't you going to sleep now?" Mark asked.

Molly paused and said with a faint smile, "The house is really dirty. I have to clean it before going to sleep. You go to sleep first, and I will join you soon."

Mark nodded and said, "Good night, Mommy."

"Good night, Mark." Molly kissed him on his forehead. She turned on the light at the head of the bed and adjusted it to a moderate brightness before leaving the room.

Molly looked at the heavy dust everywhere. She rolled up her sleeves and fetched a buc

eam member—as their friend and brother, to bring them back to their country to rest in peace.'

Tears rolled down from Molly's cheeks and fell on the letter, while her hands quivered slightly. She was reminded of Fly, and she could hardly dare to go on reading. When Steven had written this letter, he wouldn't have known that Fly had told her about everything.

She looked at the ceiling to avoid more tears from falling into her father's letter. She took a deep breath and bit her lip. Controlling her fear, she lowered her eyes once again to continue reading. As she had expected, his following words were roughly consistent with what Fly had told her.

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